Ney York City's Patented HVAC Duct Cleaning Technology

HVAC Contractors, NYC Air Conditioning and Vent Cleaning has been serivng New York City and Nassau County since 1972.

Online PR News – 12-July-2010 – – HVAC Contractors, NYC Air Conditioning and Vent Cleaning has been serivng New York City and Nassau County since 1972. Their patented rotobrush air duct cleaning has been featured in magazines and newspapers. They are famous for their prompt, efficient and quality service. Keeping air ducts clean and free from pollen, mold, mildew, dust mites and animal dander is a major concern for home and business owners today as indoor air quality can exacerbate allergies. NYC Air Conditioning and Vent Cleaning uses an advanced cleaning method that removes bacteria, mold and dust mites using vacuums and brushes at the point of contact without using harsh chemicals and sealers in the cleaning process.

Problems within the air con ducts arise when there is a breach in the insulating material or in the ducts themselves where unfiltered air could enter or worse if there is a significant build-up of moisture. Since most, or all, of the ducts are behind walls, under floorboards or in the ceiling it won't be readily evident when such a breach occurs. However, the air quality will start to deteriorate made evident by a musty order or a sudden increase in allergies within the home. Another factor could be water damage to the ducts where mold and fungi start to build up.

Mold and spores can contaminate the air con ducts. Technicians from Mike's air conditioning can test to see the air quality in the ducts and if there may be colonies starting to bloom in the ducts. Two things to consider if this occurs. First, there is an underlying problem that is causing this and it needs to be addressed. Once that is addressed, the ducts need to be cleaned. If the ducts are cleaned without the underlying problem rectified, the mold will return.

NYC Air Conditioning and Vent Cleaning starts by conducting a thorough inspection of the entire HVAC system including the filters, the fans, coils and the ducts. Cleaning the dusts and testing the air quality within the system will determine if there is indeed a problem that needs further attention. If further attention is warranted, Mike's Air Conditioning technicians get behind the walls and under the boards to inspect the integrity of the ducts to ascertain if there is a breach that needs to be fixed. Cleaning the ducts without fixing the underlying cause will only be an absolute waste of time and money.

Once it is determined that cleaning is required and the underlying cause has been rectified, Mikes Air Conditioning crew use the patented technology of rotobrush air duct cleaning to clean and decontaminate every inch of air con duct. The use of this patented rotobrush technology is a safe method of cleaning the ducts as it does not use any abrasive chemicals or sealers within the ducts. Use of sealers and chemicals within the ducts can be extremely hazardous to the occupants as chemical residue remain after the cleaning and is mixed with the air flowing through the ducts causing it to be very easily inhaled by the occupants. Inhaling these abrasive chemicals is toxic and a sever health hazard.