Release of Controversial Book!

Announcing the soon to be released book by Christian author Mack Moore. "Tough Lessons from the Bible," coming soon to Amazon and Kindle!

Online PR News – 01-February-2014 – Halifax, NC – Is suicide forgivable? What does the bible say about gay marriage and abortion? Are animals created in God’s image like people are? Should Christians celebrate Christmas? Is Santa really Satan in disguise? Coming soon from Christian author Mack Moore; “Tough Lessons from the bible” which answers these questions and more.

The author takes some of the most debated topics within the Christian Church and throughout world, and uses bible scripture to explain. This book is controversial and will spark debate throughout the world. Whether a person agree or disagree with the topics, this book is so compelling that critics still have an interest to read it to find out what the author has to say next.

This is the second edition to this book. This book is designed to teach Christians what they should not be engaging in. At the same time it gives non Christians a proper introduction to Jesus Christ and His Word. The book was originally published in 2012. Get Mack’s latest book, “Tough Lessons from the Bible,” coming soon to Amazon and Amazon Kindle.