Introductory Price Sale For 5 In 1 Automobile Tool

Huge discount for a newly launched automobile tool. Autoera is offering the tool to the first 100 customers for the steeply discounted price of $16.95 which is 54% off of the regular price of $34.95

Online PR News – 01-February-2014 – Blountstown/FL – Automobile tool company Autoera today announced the introductory price for their brand new product Automobile 5 in 1 Tool AT-501 5 in 1 Tool. They are offering the tool to the first One Hundred customers for the steeply discounted price of $16.95 which is 54% off of the regular price of $34.95.

The Tool which is composed of the aforementioned Digital Tire Pressure Gauge also comes with a Tire Tread Depth Gauge which obviously is for measuring the tire treads. It comes with a Window Breaker Hammer tool and a Seat Belt Cutter which are the Twin Emergency Escape Auto Tools popular these days. Will you really need it? Who knows, but then who wants to find out after it's too late?

Portrayed in the movie "Olympus Has Fallen" where the United States first lady died after being trapped by a stuck seat belt during an accident in which the presidential car lost control and seconds later fell off the bridge, the scene brings to light the need for tools such as this.

Finally, the Tool comes with an LED light which is intended for using the tool in the dark.

Autoera offers this tool as an alternative to purchasing these tools individually and thus allowing the buyer to save both space for storing the tool as well as money. With this big sale today they are definitely offering there would be customer's serious savings in the pocket department.

Autoera 5 in 1 Automobile Tool AT – 501 is currently only available at online retail giant Amazon store. Autoera has promised to send me a sample of this device and as yet I have not received or tested this product, all I can say is it looks good from the pictures and the specs sheet.

If you would like to know more about Autoera's 5 in 1 Digital Tire Pressure Gauge, you can find more information at or view its helpful video at Autoera's Youtube channel.