Alas! Sun City Dentist Offers Nervous Patients a Solution

Experienced sedation dentist, Dr. Kevin Gasser, discusses the benefits of sedation and how this option is allowing nervous patients the ability to relax before a treatment.

Online PR News – 01-February-2014 – Sun City, AZ – We’ve all heard of the common fear associated with visiting the dentist. Perhaps you’re one of the lucky ones who are not at all fazed by the thought of going to the dentist. However, for some people it is nearly paralyzing. This is type of fear is known as odontophobia. Unfortunately this phobia prevents people from receiving dental care that they so desperately need in order to maintain a healthy mouth and overall smile.

But alas! There is now an option for dentists to offer the patients who have this odontophobia. It is known as sedation dentistry and implementing it has a boatload of benefits for both Sun City dentists like Dr. Kevin Gasser and his patients alike.

What exactly is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation is essentially what happens when the CNS (central nervous system) depressant meds are given to the patient, you get tired and you begin to feel removed from the concerns around you. Since most phobias come from the idea of not being in control of a certain environment or situation, the sedation environment provides a calm, dreamlike atmosphere. Your fears seem to just melt away. You may even giggle a bit from your feeling of happiness.

Please know that the medications that are administered are completely safe and will not leave you with a “hung-over” feeling because the body is able to metabolize the medicine quite easily.

What does Sedation Feel Like?

“In general, every patient who undergoes sedation therapy will have a slightly different experience,” explains Sun City dentist, Dr. Kevin Gasser. “I’ve only heard positive feedback so that is a good thing!”

What’s the most common time to use Sedation?
Your Sun City sedation dentist offers this calming alternative to anyone who wishes to release any fear or worry before a dental treatment. People who also have a particular gag reflex find sedation helpful, as well. It is also commonly used in cases where a certain treatment may be on the longer side – time wise.

A Concluding Note from your Sedation Dentist

“Seeing a sedation dentist is a bonus when it comes to managing your dental care,” says Dr. Gasser. “There is no requirement to undergo sedation but my patients are grateful to know that it’s there as an option should they choose to use it.”

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