Green Eyed Witch is sponsoring Orishas Ashe

TaTa Leonce has joined and will provide all services in Santeria and Palo in Las vegas, Nv and Mexico.

Online PR News – 31-January-2014 – Las Vegas , Nv – Greeneyedwitch is a place where you can learn about Santeria, Palo, Vodou, HooDoo, Yoruba Traditions and Witchcraft. They offer a Witchy Team Including Katz Rodriguez - Bruja and TaTa Leonce who is experienced in Santeria & Palo The Religion as a whole.

GlammieWitch- Witch that can do intuitive readings , Palo Readings,
Spell Work, Revenge Spells, Money Spells, Love Spells, Initiations,
Mano de Orula, Alter Work And All Services that are Witchy!

You must have a consult and reading done before excepting any work. They have a Witchy WorkShop , Free Witchcraft Videos, and Do All Things in Magick.

Go to their website and book a reading. They are very accurate, honest and to the point. They help a lot of people. Katz Rodriguez is a Medium and has a amazing channel on you tube. She is very accurate and to the point. She shows you how to practice the craft as a solitary witch and gives you tips and tricks in magick.

TaTa Leonce has an extensive background in the religion Santeria and Palo. He is offering all services, willing to travel and teach. He works very close with Katz Rodriguez and they customize many spell kits and spell work for people.