Owner Operators Reduce Fuel Use In Company Vehicles

Hydrogen Generating Cells are reducing the amount of gas that couriers use in their delivery vehicles. HHOZAP of California has a plug and play installation that works.

Online PR News – 10-July-2010 – – Los Angeles, CA – July 15th, 2010 (JoeDolanPR) – With the rising price of gasoline, fleet vehicles feel the pain, as required tools like fuel cannot be bypassed for an alternative method of getting packages delivered. With the aid of a Hydrogen-Generating Cell to supplement the vehicle, owner operators are finding an increase in miles per gallon of more than 20%, and in many cases, much more. The solution is in the installation of the HHOZAP plug and play hydrogen conversion kit.

The technology has been in the media for years. NASA released public documentation of proof that the technology works in 1977 and developers have been creating hydrogen-generating kits all over the world. The Internet is filled with video revealing the process and proving it’s worth in all reciprocating engines, gasoline powered or diesel. The big question has been; “How do I get one and how easy is it to install?”

California Company HHOZAP has engineered a plug-and-play system, constructed from stainless steel, and it has proven results in a number of vehicles. HHOZAP’s engineers have stripped the system of unnecessary items and included what works to feed the engine hydrogen and create a stronger burning, clean flame to power the engine. Available at the company’s website, www.hhozap.com, the device can be installed in just a few hours by any mechanic who has worked on an engine, and the design can be fit to any vehicle on the road.

The principal uses distilled water and potassium hydroxide, a pure concentration, to electrolyze the water and split it into hydrogen and oxygen gasses. The hydrogen is fed into vehicles cold air induction system and offers the vehicle an increase in burning power, reducing the consistent need for fuel to be pumped in to the system to power the engine. With the system properly installed, the engine does not see the increase in oxygen and doesn’t find a need to push more fuel into the engine to supplement the change. The result is hydrogen powering the car alongside a reduced fuel use. Drivers pass the pump more often without a need to fill the tank.

While it seems complicated, it’s a simple process that can be installed by virtually any mechanic with ease. Tests were performed in Lexus, Jeep, Cadillac and other vehicles including fleet style trucks. The result has been the same in each vehicle – savings on fuel requirements of 20 to 50 percent. It’s proven and the company guarantees the cells for the life of the vehicle.

Mechanics at Agoura Hills Auto Spa in Agoura Hills, CA are installing the systems for under $200 and complete kits cost between $300-$500 depending on the size of the engine and the need of 1 or 2 cells installed. Each kit comes complete with an easy to follow installation manual and installation help can be found with a simple telephone call or an email to the company. Fleet mechanics can also be trained on installation by HHOZAP.

For more information on the benefits of the HHOZAP Cell Kit and to order a kit for your own installation, it is advised that you visit the company’s website at www.hhozap.com. Complete contact information and explanation is available from the website. HHOZAP is based in Los Angeles and ships it’s product worldwide.

For more information on this press release and the HHOZAP Company, please contact Joe Dolan at www.joedolanpr.com, joedolan@gmail.com or call 818-742-7719. Joe Dolan is a freelance press writer located in Los Angeles, CA.