Dreamofasiagirl Releases Her Sixth CD-Run the Machines

Dreamofasiagirl has been #1 on Reverbnation dance charts since September 2013 for Houston, TX. She mixes all genres, but recently released a dubstep CD. Enjoy her music!

Online PR News – 31-January-2014 – Houston, TX – Lora Mao a/k/a Dreamofasiagirl has been mixing music and creating her own beats for three years and this is her sixth CD she has released. She has mixed dubstep, dance, techno, ambient, Indian, Brazilian, and asian sounding music.

Dreamofasiagirl has remained #1 at Reverbnation dance charts for Houston since September 2013. She recently DJ'd an HIV/Aids awareness event for charity called "Smiley Faces Holiday Celebration," which featured singers, dancers, poets, and a fashion show from a few local fashion designers.

Dreamofasiagirl was featured in the "Indiegator Magazine," where Kitty Williams interviews up and coming entertainers as well as polished veterans. Dreamofasiagirl was known as the musical guardian angel to many bands in Japan. She promotes the best music from around the world on her Twitter. You never know what language will be heard when she tweets the music videos out.

In upcoming projects, her music will be featured in a video from a popular DJ/comedian/actor/poet. That should be released soon. Her music is already scheduled for an upcoming indie film. More news to come on her social websites. She has created three songs for videos that featured a Japanese painter who paints Mt. Fuji. This was done starting a year prior to Mt. Fuji becoming a 'World Heritage.' It was a great success.

Dreamofasiagirl's music is copyright and royalty free, so it is available for any project, including TV and movies. Her goal is to spread not only her music, but music from all around the world to every corner of the earth. She believes music is the key to a peaceful existence between all nations.