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I-TermPaper.com is giving our writer’s laptops so that they can complete their work at anytime, from any location

Online PR News – 10-July-2010 – – I-TermPaper.com orders keep coming in at a great rate and we want to give our custom writers everything they need to keep up with increasing demands. We are going to give our full time custom writer’s new laptops. We know that almost everybody has a home computer nowadays but we want our writer’s to have the newest technology so we have gotten them state of the art laptops. I-TermPaper.com not only is giving our writers laptops but we will also provide them with free internet connections and all the software they need to do their jobs more easily. Some days it is just not possible to complete every order within working hours and now we know that our writer’s will be able to go home and work and still get their orders completed for our customer’s.

Our custom writers will be able to work from any location at any time that suits them with the new laptops and free internet connections that we are giving to all of our full time writing staff. We know how hard our writer’s work and some days they are required to finish orders after they get home; I-TermPaper.com is doing everything it can to make this easier for our writer’s. We want our writer’s to know how much we appreciate them and the hard work they do so providing laptops, internet connections and software is the least we can do to show how much we care.

The details about our new laptops and other company events may be obtained at http://i-termpaper.com or you can call anytime and talk to our customer support service.

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