iBAKE Denver Launches Marijuana Limousine Service
31 January 2014
It was announced today that North Washington Endeavors Inc, D.B.A. iBAKE Denver, the only headshop, and business in Colorado where you can smoke marijuana if you're one of it's private members, has launched a "Marijuana Limousine Service" for the residents and tourists that come to Colorado in the coming months and years. "Our service is really close to the same as traditional limousines services." said Thurlow Weed, President and CEO of iBAKE Limousines. "The largest difference between our service and another companies limousine service is that if our client would like to smoke marijuana in the vehicle they can." Thurlow said. We will also provide FREE Marijuana Gifts, and FREE smoking devices as gifts as well. For more information and the price of booking a limousines through iBAKE Limousines please visit www.iBAKEDenver.com or call 303.900.0259.