Pacfood Introduces Boilable Food Vacuum Sealer Bags

Pacfood has recently announced the launch of new boilable vacuum sealer bags to retain the nutrients of the food material stored in them. These are bio degradable and therefore environment friendly.

Online PR News – 31-January-2014 –  Nambour/Queensland – Pacfood, the company that has established its name in manufacturing food vacuum sealer and vacuum food storage products has recently introduced boilable bags. The firm has been known for manufacturing innovative products so that customers can enjoy the benefits of their technological advanced products. These boilable food vacuum sealer bags can retain the essential components of the food without being opened. The tight seal has been designed to give the food no room for damage and decay. It cannot be contaminated by bacteria or other such pungent worms.

The firm assures that every vacuum food storage material manufactured by them has been tested and is bio degradable. Thus these are environmental friendly products that can be disposed off after you have utilized them. The company firmly believes in protecting the environment and protecting the nutrients of the food. This is the inspiration behind every invention of the company. They believe that no food element is totally protected since there are so many contaminated materials swarming the air. In order to protect the food from any type of damage vacuum food storage bags can be used for safely storing food in them.

Customers are sometimes reluctant to try new technologically advanced products. They are unaware of the harm that they cause to their food products by storing them openly in the refrigerator. The water from the refrigerator can be harmful. Plus if the foodstuff is boiled immediately after being stored in the refrigerator uncovered it tends to lose significant nutrients. These are some of the reasons laid out by many researchers to help you understand the need for boilable food vacuum sealer bags and their purpose in everyday life.

Pacfood introduces these products at affordable prices so that even a common man is able to buy them without feeling the weight on his pockets. You can browse through different types of sealer bags manufactured by the company and buy them in bulk to save money.