New Company Offers Businesses an Easier Way to Buy Equipment

For years, businesses needed to go through the necessary channels in order to acquire new equipment. The process was slow, tedious and costly.

Online PR News – 31-January-2014 – Ponte Vedra Beach, FL – For years, businesses needed to go through the necessary channels in order to acquire new equipment. The process was slow, tedious and costly. Now a new company named Equipment Street is changing the way that businesses buy equipment and making the process much simpler as well. The company is focused on helping businesses acquire equipment with search capabilities directly provided on their site. The features offered on the Equipment Street site are incredible and eliminate the complex channels that businesses had to go through in order to purchase new equipment in the past.

Sellers also get a chance to get direct buyer leaders every day through Equipment Direct. It's easy to sign up and makes it simple to match the right equipment businesses of any sector.

The idea is simple. Business owners, managers, project leaders or marketing directors can simply go to and type in their zip code to find B2B sellers in their area. As an online business directory, it's essential for business owners to sign up with Equipment Street. It makes the buying process streamlined with all of the sellers in the results instead of sifting through results from a search engine that may or may not have what a business needs.

These are registered sellers who work with Equipment Street to match their equipment with the right businesses. Businesses simply advertise what equipment they need, and sellers answer providing their inventory online for the business to view. Businesses can select as many sellers as they want, and they receive multiple bids in seconds to ensure that they get the best price. With bidding in place, Equipment Street looks to help business cut down the costs dramatically and work directly with sellers who want to advertise the lowest price.

Equipment Street also allows businesses to make affordable payments with financing options to purchase any of the equipment through the site, and businesses can find all kinds of industries served on the site. These are just a few that businesses that can look for through the Equipment Street director:

Security Sector: fire alarms, video surveillance, commercial alarm systems and access control.

Office Sector: printers, fax machines, copiers and document management machines.

Industrial Sector: Welding, construction and commercial cleaning equipment.

Technology Sector: Computers, servers, cameras, data backups, A/V and more.

Software Sector: CRM, call center, document management, help desk, recruiting, accounting and cloud software.

Automotive Sector: Brake lathes, tire changers, wheel alignments, testing equipment, air compressors and much more.

When businesses need any kind of machine, software, telecom technology, furniture or other equipment, the easy way to search for the cheapest price is through Equipment Street. Sellers now have the opportunity to bid on business' needs and drive the price down as much as possible until it's just what a business needs in order to purchase. The whole process is made for businesses to find and purchase equipment faster and at the best price from reputable sellers across the world.

Search engines never seem to get it right for businesses. With so much information bombarding on the search results page, the process of finding equipment is much slower and harder to understand. Equipment Street cuts through the information overload so that businesses only see a list of sellers and the type of equipment that they are looking for. It's also the best way for sellers to get their names out there and start unloading inventory directly to the right markets.

The "Storefront" feature of Equipment Street is an incredible idea for sellers. With Equipment Street, sellers can open a storefront and start selling directly to buyers who are interested in their equipment. Businesses are able to find a seller's storefront with only two clicks, so it dramatically cuts down the process of advertising and sifting through search results where a seller's business can be lost in the ranking with other competitors.

Equipment dealers, manufacturers, distributors and small online stores greatly increase their web presence by setting up a storefront with Equipment Street. They have bigger visibility, and more businesses are sing Equipment Street every day to find exactly the right tools and equipment that they can't find in a regular search engine. Business buyers also look to Equipment Street as a go-to for equipment purchases. This means that sellers are nearly guaranteed to make a sale on Equipment Street if they have a storefront in the directory.

It's easy to sign up with Equipment Street and get started. Businesses can use the "Buyer Sign Up" link on the homepage. Once a business joins, it's free to start a "New Project" from the dashboard and advertise the type of equipment that a business needs. An equipment type box offers 10 different sectors to choose including "Other." Once the project has a name and the equipment is described, a project deadline is set, and more details are provided as needed. Businesses can set the types of equipment that they are looking for, add images or other attachments, select project type and publish the project for sellers to see. Now sellers have the opportunity to bid on the project and make an offer. Business owners just sit back and select the right offer that meets their budget.

Sellers can easily sign up and start getting business leads every day through Equipment Street. They just click on "Seller Sign Up" from the front page and provide their company information, then select on their equipment types that include automotive, general office equipment, light industrial, office furniture, restaurant, security, software, technology or telecom. Once sellers sign up, they can set up a storefront that details all of their business information, product descriptions, images of equipment and prices. It's simple and easy-to-use.

Equipment Street is rapidly becoming the latest resource for businesses and equipment sellers to deal directly and cut out the information overload from search engines. The process is simple and allows for the best price to be matched for equipment with quick purchase options. If businesses want to find the cheapest equipment from high quality store owners, they must check out Equipment Street.

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