Build Ability in ‘Engineering Leadership Management' on 24-28 Feb 2014

Build Confidence and the Ability to Influence for Improved Project Outcomes

Online PR News – 30-January-2014 – Johor Bahru, – Johor Bahru, 29 January 2014- This ‘Engineering Leadership Management for Piping / Civil. Mechanical / E&I / Process Professionals’ workshop teaches skills needed to lead projects, drive innovation, and influence others in an engineering role or similar technical role. Participants learn the differences between leadership and management and how to develop specific leadership abilities that are important to engineers and technical professionals. The most important leadership traits that apply to engineering and technical project leadership responsibilities are emphasized. Participants engage in exercises that assess their individual leadership abilities and provide guidance for further development.

Case studies and real-life examples illustrate how the principles apply on the job. The case studies and examples are drawn from a broad range of product development team environments at small, medium, and large companies serving many industries. You will also benefit from the instructor’s direct experience contributing to successful engineering projects for over 25 years.

After participating in this workshop you will be enabled to:
• Become more influential
• Improve ability to lead projects and teams
• Identify leadership development goals specific to your needs
• Get more support for ideas that will benefit your company
• Build rapport with managers and peers
• Improve team communication

Organizations regularly promote engineers who are competent and well qualified in their technical field. The engineers assume their new position as a project manager without the specific enhancement of leadership or project management skills. These new managers consequently become ineffective as they undergo the transition which often leaves them frustrated and unmotivated.

This workshop will provide the knowledge and tools needed for engineers to understand the transition from the role as an engineer to function successfully as a project manager. It exposes them to the fundamental of general managerial skills, project management skills and equips them with new capabilities to ensure smooth transition into their new post.

Methodology of Delivery
Apart from getting a basic foundation of Project Management, the participants will experience the concepts and ideas in an interactive setting. As the saying goes, “The Learning is in the Doing”. The delivery will be activity based so that the manifestation of learning’s takes place rapidly.

A unique feature, participants will enjoy is a multi-sensory delivery that utilizes a wide range of tools to appease an equally wide range of learning styles. Peter’s training sessions are known to be impactful, appeasing to both the intellectuals and the action-based learners.

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