Brookes Bible College Now Offering Choice Online Courses

The college is offering online courses for the first time in its history.

Online PR News – 31-January-2014 – ST. LOUIS – Brookes Bible College, an evangelical institution of biblical higher education in the Greater St. Louis area, is now offering some online courses for students who may be interested in taking them. These classes are available for the spring 2014 semester.

This is the first time that the college has offered online courses to its student body.

The classes currently being offered to students of Brookes Bible College include New Testament Survey, Biblical Greek, Advanced Greek, and Fundamentals and History of Counseling. New Testament Survey, Biblical Greek, and Ancient Greek will all be held on Tuesdays, and Fundamentals and History of Counseling will be held on Fridays.

“This is an exciting time at Brookes Bible College,” said Dr. Chris Stocklin, President of Brookes Bible College. “We are hoping to reach out and meet the needs of our students who might wish to take courses that aren’t offered in the classroom. Our aim is to cultivate a greater understanding of the Word of God while meeting the needs of our student body so that they may become effective stewards of Christ.”

Old Testament Survey will feature poetic, wisdom, and prophetic literature of the Old Testament, relating each book from Job to Malachi to one another and giving facts, principle teachings, keywords, key verses, and an outline of each of the books.

Biblical Greek completes the basic survey of elementary Greek grammar and includes the reading of the text of 1 John. Advanced Greek builds upon the first year of elementary Greek grammar while introducing students to an intermediate level of Greek through an inductive study approach to the text.
Fundamentals and History of Counseling will help students see counseling with new eyes as it allows students to study counseling with a Biblical influence.

Each class has separate supplies that will need to be purchased, and technology fees will also apply to each online class.

Brookes Bible College, which was named after James H. Brookes, writer and pastor of Walnut Street Presbyterian Church, here, has been providing affordable biblical education to its students since 1909. The college is an evangelical institution of biblical higher education and gives Christians skills to serve in the local church with the goal of producing proud workers who proclaim the Word of God.

Brookes Bible College offers an affordable, two-year, non-residential program, providing each student with a robust knowledge of the Word of God and equips them with tools for applying the knowledge they gain in various fields of Christian service.

The college has served over 10,000 students and has affected countless lives by the help of their students’ ministries in their local churches.

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