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Avatan provides a wide range of storage solutions. The product range includes plastic shelvings, stillages, pallet racking, rolls containers and plastic containers.

Online PR News – 10-July-2010 – – For Immediate Release

Plastic storage boxes from Avatan emerge as a big time storage solution for industrial and home storage.

Middlesex, United Kingdom, July 9th 2010 – Industrial and home storage is both huge money spinners, if you can get them right: which is exactly what storage solutions giant Avatan has done with its new range of plastic storage boxes. Avatan has sourced and developed ranges of plastic storage solutions ideal for every home, every office, and every small warehouse – light weight, tough, easy to store and built in a range of pre determined sizes.

So what’s so special about these plastic storage boxes, that you can’t make do with any old tub? Price, for one. Avatan have ensured that they keep their final retail price well down among the market middle, by sourcing huge batches of raw material and refining their vac forming processes so there’s very little wastage. The result is a saving passed straight on to the customer – which, in this straitened time, is the only way for a company to fly. Pass all savings straight through to your customers and you’ll keep them. In the long run, that’s way better than keeping the savings for yourself and losing all your trade. So Avatan’s plastic storage boxes are as cheap as other can be, for the quality grade they represent – in fact, given their sturdiness and all round reliability, they’re actually far cheaper than one would think they ought to be.

Further, Avatan’s new boxes have been designed to look funky in the home but fulfil all the strength, durability, ease of content identification and safety requirements of the warehouse. The result – plastic storage boxes that cost next to nothing and work well in all environments. Anyone can use them and everyone is satisfied. Again, in times like these, that is a winner the company can ill afford to be without.
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Avatan is an industrial and home storage supplier, designing and sourcing excellent storage solutions for industrial and home storage in the UK.

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