Sun Labs Announces Overnight Tanning Products That Actually Work and are Safe to Use

For those looking for overnight tanning products, Sun Labs now offers self tanning products that work and are very safe to use.

Online PR News – 29-January-2014 – Chatsworth, CA – Sun Labs is pleased to announce products that are especially designed for overnight Tanning are now available through the company website. These Self Tanning products offer incredible results without the higher price that compatible products charge. Sun Labs has reputation for providing to the public some of the best tanning lotion products on the market today. Their overnight sunless tanning products continue in that tradition.

Two examples of these remarkable self tanning products follow:

Many of those who are looking for overnight tanning products that actually work will be interested in Sun Labs Tan Overnight Sunless Tanning Lotion. This tanning product comes in a 2.7 oz container set and has been shown to provide not only a great tan but also protects and hydrates all types of skin. This tanning product tints instantly which prevents those awful patches or streaks often experienced with inferior sunless tanning products. In addition, this product will provide users with an incredibly deep tan that is dark and sets in at approximately three hours after use. It contains a safe to use blend of nature ingredients and, best of all, is suitable for everyone.

The second self tanning product that may be of interest to those who are searching for an overnight self tanner is the Sun Laboratories Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion. This set comes in a 2.7 oz container as well and has all of the benefits mentioned above but is great for those who have skin tones that fall between light and medium.

A visit to the Sun Laboratories website will show visitors authentic before and after photos of those who have actually used these tanning products. This is a great way to see for oneself if these self tanning overnight products are suitable to one's needs. Additional information on these products, as well as information on all of the Sun Labs tanning products, is also available at the site.

It should always be remembered that the use of sunless self tanning products eliminates the hazards that are found when one tans under the Sun. UV rays are known to cause a whole host of health problems, including various types of skin cancer, some of which can be very dangerous. By using high-quality self tanning products formulated by the experts at Sun Labs, individuals can have the dark, rich tans that they want without having to risk exposure to these harmful rays.

If you would like to learn more about Sun Lab's tanning products, including the best tanning lotion for overnight use, simply visit their site. The site offers a wealth of useful and accurate information on all aspects of tanning and self tanning in particular. This is wonderful way to get the education that one needs as one decides which tanning method is best. The information that is presented at the site is factual and honest and is useful for anyone who wants to know more about the best ways to get the best (and safest) tan. Visit the site today.