Valta Launches Home Automation/Energy Management Starter Kit via Amazon

Valta, a home automation/energy management system, that enables users to gain total control and monitoring capabilities of their electronics devices launched via Amazon.

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By Jeff Lin
28 January 2014

Valta Launches Home Automation/Energy Management Starter Kit via Amazon

Toronto, Canada — January 28, 2014 — Valta technologies today announced the launch of Valta Starter Kit, a home automation/energy management system that helps users save energy without making compromises any on their lifestyle. The kit is now available through at:

The system allows users to have control and monitoring capabilities of their electronic devices via their smartphone anywhere they can get internet access. Their unique and patented software enables the unit to identify saving opportunities and thereby reduce the hidden waste and costs associated with typical power usage. “Most people aren’t aware of how much energy they are wasting on an everyday basis”, said Valta co-founder Jeff Lin. “With the touch of a button, our smartphone app allows you to turn almost any device on or off, and it can show you what’s on, where, and when, so you can save money and energy.”

Valta’s intuitive app interface is made all the more powerful by the system’s high-definition chip set, which promises high accuracy on energy consumption measurement. Valta can measure the power consumption at device level, bringing transparency to electricity usage.

Product Features
Standby Power Auto Detection – Valta senses it when a device enters into standby mode. According to the International Energy Association, standby power usage accounts for as much as 7 to 22 percent of electricity usage worldwide and adds 50 million tons of CO₂ to the atmosphere annually.

Saving with Orange Button – Once a device is found wasting energy, the Orange Button will appear on the Valta app to notify you, prompting you to act against that waste. There will be no more “Oops I forgot” moment.

Control Anytime Anywhere – Valta connects your electronic devices to your smartphone or laptop. You can use the iOS or web app to control and monitor your devices anytime anywhere. And since we store the data on the cloud, you can expect a consistent view of your status regardless of what platform you use.

Saving with Automation – You can automate your devices with three types of scenes, making sure your devices consume energy only when they need to.

Informed Energy Decisions – Valta goes beyond total consumption and shows you how much energy is used against how much is wasted.

Good Design Award 2013
Valta is an award-winning item in this year’s Good Design Award (, being rated highly by the judges for its ability to “promote an eco-lifestyle”. As Lin said, “Valta provides a tool to use energy without wasting it, and helps users to adopt more sustainable usage patterns”.

Featured as “New & Innovative” on Amazon
Valta Starter Kit is being featured as a “New & Innovative” product at Amazon’s home automation storefront ( Priced at USD$149 on Amazon, the kit set comes with everything you need to get started – one v-Hub, two Valta sockets, one power adaptor for the v-Hub and one Ethernet cable ( Shipping is now available for the US and Canada only. Additional sockets will be available soon. A UK version of the Starter Kit is expected to be available later this year.

About Valta
Valta brings transparency to electricity usage. Saving energy is a lovely thing but most people don’t know where to start. The goal at Valta is to simplify energy management by creating a system that is useful, elegant yet in the meantime easy to use. Saving energy should not be difficult and does not necessarily mean making compromises on our lifestyle. By understanding our own usage pattern and knowing how to optimize it, we can save a lot of energy that would otherwise go to waste. For more information, visit

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