Online Seller Now Offering an Extended Range of Quality Interactive Whiteboard

Leading South Africa based online seller The Whiteboard Shop is now offering an extended range of interactive whiteboards and other accessories for multiple settings.

Online PR News – 29-January-2014 – Randburg, Johannesburg – Leading South African online seller The Whiteboard Shop is now offering an extended list of whiteboards, accessories and other interactive products. The online store is a popular choice for interactive whiteboards made ideal for classroom and corporate settings.

Offering a complete range of information boards, classroom whiteboards, interactive whiteboards, pin boards and office boards, The Whiteboard Shop is now offering additional office equipment like projectors, writing slates, standard office equipment, stands and frames as well as accessories. The current range of office equipment at The Whiteboard Shop is inclusive of projector trolleys, binder machines, electric guillotines, heavy duty staplers and laser pointer presenters. Its extended range is also inclusive of quality paper shredders, laminators, paper cutters, thermal binders and covers.

The Whiteboard Shop’s latest addition is quality projectors and accessories for corporate, industrial, as well as classroom settings. Leading products from Parrot continue to be the top sellers on the website as The Whiteboard Shop is offering correction brackets, projectors, and screens of multiple sizes. The store is offering a selection of three quality projectors from Parrot including the LCD Projection DLP XGA 2700 Lumens, the DLP SVGA 2600 Lumens and the XGA LCD Short Throw 2500 Lumens between a price range of R 6,500 and R 11,200. Projector screens from the seller are available in multiple sizes including 1760 mm x 1330 mm, 1830 mm x 1830 mm, 2450 mm x 1420 mm, 1870 mm x 1050 mm and 1020 mm x 760 mm.

The seller’s interactive whiteboard selection is quickly gaining popularity with a wide range of products. This range is inclusive of non-reflective whiteboards, wireless system whiteboards, infrared touch sensitive whiteboards, interactive IR PC-projector systems, interactive whiteboard pens and nibs, complete whiteboard systems as well as U-Board Ultra Sound systems in infra-red and short focus. The interactive whiteboards are also available in multiple sizes.

Additionally, The Whiteboard Shop is also offering essential whiteboard accessories like wooden dusters, label carriers, drawing pins, refills, whiteboard erasers, magnetic dusters, magnetic alphabets, photo paper, magnetic strips and shapes in flexible and non-flexible options. Priced reasonably, the online seller is currently offering a complete range of accessories to improve the quality of interactions in both classroom and corporate settings. Apart from individual products, the seller is also offering whiteboard starter packs that are inclusive of separate items for a subsidized price.

About The Whiteboard Shop

The Whiteboard Shop is a leading online seller of whiteboards in South Africa. Offering a wide product range for boardrooms, classrooms, recreational clubs, productions facilities and the likes. The Whiteboard Shop offers interactive whiteboards, magnetic and non-magnetic boards and other accessories at affordable prices.