Octane India, a Leading Email Marketing Firm of India Launches DMAI 2014 Convention

An online marketing company which has made its mark in the field of email marketing in India, octane has organised a convention in association with DMAI this year in January.

Online PR News – 29-January-2014 – New Delhi/Delhi – Octane India, a leader in email marketing in India as well as abroad is proud to announce the launch of DMAI Convention 2014. The company has amalgamated its Annual Marketing Outlook 2014 with the convention organised by Digital marketing Association of India. The topic chosen by the online marketing company for the event is “Igniting Engagement”.

Octane India is the email marketing evangelist for the event and convention organised by Digital marketing association of India (DMAI). The convention is supposed to take place at the Radisson Hotel in New Delhi from 22nd January to 24th January.

“As we all know that like the rest of the world, the world of marketing is also undergoing constant change. This convention aims at talking about various paradigms related to online marketing and also provides a holistic learning experience to people involved in digital marketing. Our topic “Igniting Engagement” is to be covered during the convention organised by DMAI. We have partnered with the association for the convention to be held in 2014” stated a personnel form the senior management of Octane India.

Email marketing in India has redefined lot many things, today an online marketing company is expected to provide much more than it was expected to offer a few years back. A bouquet of services related to email marketing in India is expected to be offered at reasonable rates by the online marketing company.

The motto for the event is “Be-The Change” which aims at encouraging people involved in email marketing in India and various other forms of digital advertising to be more open to changing marketing trends and in adopting newer strategies. It is said the in brand promotion and advertising keeping pace with the latest updates and changes in the market is the most important thing.

This convention will surely help marketers and advertisers understand digital marketing in a better way, with personal insights from the leaders in the field and backed up statistical data and facts.