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Online PR News – 29-January-2014 – Not Applicable – Everybody will freely acknowledge that there are few things more attractive on a lady than a beautiful head of hair. Attractive, shiny hair with a bounce and it own gleam turns people's heads, many men have been known to lose their heads when looking at flowing tresses. But all who are in possession of these locks will readily inform you that these do not come without a price. Keeping one's hair looking good takes real work.

Current fashion for appearance has a lot to do with it as, besides washing with good shampoo, using decent conditioners and brushing well there are a lot of other stresses to which ladies nowadays subject their hair. Firstly and probably from an early age curlers and curling irons as well as currents of hot dry air are put into use. A strange thing about being fashionable is that it often means changing one's looks in some way. And nowhere is this more noticeable than in hairstyles.

People who have straight hair often want to introduce curls while those with naturally curly hair try to straighten it. The difficulty is that heat dries out and damages the hair. Hair is naturally lubricated from the follicle and if heat or hot irons are continually applied the outer sheath gets stripped away and as a consequence the ends lose their vitality and start splitting.

It is not only heat that does damage. Common practice nowadays includes "Perms" and color change. At the very least these include all sorts of chemicals that attack the natural condition of the hair and can, with over use, leave it dry and lifeless. From this stage it is but a short time before the ends start to split and what were once gorgeous tresses becomes an unruly mop.

One needs to get this sorted out quickly and Repair Damaged Hair before the ends start splitting all the way up and more than just a mild problem which results in you having to cut it short.

In fact you will have to have the actual split ends trimmed off but if done speedily that need only be half an inch or less. Then one should look for hair repair products with which to start the healing process.

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