Announces High Quality SMS Advertising at Affordable Cost Factors

We at has a mission to provide our clients with the best SMS and advertising services using them at the most competitive prices.

Online PR News – 29-January-2014 – Mumbai, Maharashtra – No entrepreneur or manager can afford to ignore the impact of mobile technologies in modern times. Advertising using bulk SMS has become a common practice in commercial world. announces high quality SMS advertising at affordable prices for its clients.

Mumbai -28.01.2014 – Business is all about getting more and more customers that would buy the product or services offered by an enterprise. This however needs that the seller has to reach out to the buyer without waiting for them to find him and the products and services offered. On turn this brings up the issue of connecting to the huge number of mobile users in modern times to tap the vast potential they offer in business. One of the best ways of reaching out to these vast potential clientele is using bulk SMS to send them messages and for this purpose a bulk SMS Gateway needs to be used.

SMS Gateway refers to software interface that is web based where the user can upload the list of phone numbers of huge numbers of recipient and send SMS to all of them using just one click. Such Gateway could be based anywhere but can be used to send SMS to anywhere else throughout the country. However obtaining the services of a reliable and reputable service provider can make things easier for the entrepreneur or user. At the same time the concern of the entrepreneur or manager would be finding a service provider that will help quality advertising using SMS without charging too much for such services.

That is exactly where an entrepreneur or manager could consider Based in Mumbai, India, the Company is providing high quality SMS advertising services for its clients all over the country and abroad at the most competitive prices in the market.

“In the highly competitive commercial world in modern times SMS marketing offers one of the least expensive and result oriented solutions for entrepreneurs or those associated with business promotion and marketing. It helps you to reach out to the vast community of prospective buyers in a matter of moments and with just a single click. We at has a mission to provide our clients with the best SMS and advertising services using them at the most competitive prices”, says the CEO of the company explaining the motto of

With progress of time revolutionary changes have taken place in the commercial world. Competitions have become much more intense and the necessity of displaying products and services to the potential buyers has assumed a highly significant importance thereby. With traditional marketing processes like advertising on print and electronic media becoming highly expensive, bulk SMS offers a welcome and less expensive marketing solutions for the entrepreneurs. is facilitating the process through their bulk SMS Gateway located in Mumbai.

To make matters easier for their clients, has also put in place their bulk SMS reseller service and clients opting for their services can further reduce their expenses by reselling parts of the services to their clients. While the SMS based advertising itself costs lower than any traditional advertising services, this gives the clients further scope to reduce their expenses on marketing.

Interested to know more about their competent advertising solutions? Make sure to review the offers available on their portal at, today!

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