Voice of Experience Offers New Approach to Healthcare Project Management with “Done,” the Course

While recovering from ovarian cancer, Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer designed a training program that integrates her experience into healthcare project management—with a view to ensuring “Health Well Done!”

Online PR News – 29-January-2014 – New York, NY – In 2011, Healthcare Project Management practitioner Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer found herself as an end-customer of the service she has been providing. Diagnosed with ovarian cancer, she experienced the rare opportunity of seeing her work from a chemotherapy patient’s point of view.

“Why does my reclining chair hurt so much when I recline? Why can’t the space for my family be more private? Suddenly, the issues I considered in my daily work as a project manager became disturbingly personal,” said Dolan-Schweitzer, President of Health Well Done, an online education and training company for healthcare project managers and practitioners.

The experience helped Dolan-Schweitzer incorporate more details into her training program called “Health Well Done”, which is designed most especially for healthcare project managers, but is also made available to architects, designers and healthcare practitioners.

The training program is an interactive workshop that imparts what Dolan-Schweitzer calls the “DONE!” methodology.

"“Done!” is a hit-the-ground approach to completing a project,” Dolan-Schweitzer explained. “In the workshop, we create situational scenarios that include simulations of an actual project execution—from design and planning, project meetings and monitoring. The case studies help the participants understand and put into practice the elements for a Healthy Team, Healthy Project and Healthy Patient.”

Dolan-Schweitzer offers the unique training program through her recently launched website, www.healthwelldone.com, which she built to spread word about Integrated Medicine (a combination of traditional Western medicine and alternative therapies) and Green Healthcare—two areas which she believes to be the future of healthcare. Dolan-Schweitzer, who is also a co-chair of Stamford (CT) Hospital’s Green committee, supports the Healthier Hospital Initiative and includes this in her trainings to give project managers more insight into how recent developments in healthcare are shaping up the industry.

“In the center of all these developments is the project manager, which is why we designed Health Well Done to empower them,” said Dolan-Schweitzer.
For more information about Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer and the Health Well Done training program, visit the website www.healthwelldone.com.

About Cathy Dolan-Schweitzer

Cathy has completed over 100 turnkey projects over the past 12 years working as a senior project manager. She oversees projects from design and construction, working with professionals in building healing environments and facilities. She holds several certificates in Healthcare Construction and Design, as well as a Certificate in Project Management from New York University.

As president of Health Well Done, Cathy’s mission is to share her knowledge and experience in healthcare project management with a wider audience to lead healthcare into the future.