New Muzzy DVD Features Whitetail Bowhunts From Pursuit Channel’s Backwoods Life

Backwoods Life TV Host Michael Lee along with production crew members Chase Gregg and Scott Cooper have trophy whitetail bowhunts featured on Muzzy Bad to the Bone Bucks 8 DVD.

Online PR News – 18-August-2009 – – Hahira, GA – Backwoods Life TV, the award-winning reality outdoors show airing on the Pursuit channel, announced today that several of the show’s trophy whitetail bowhunts are featured on the new Muzzy Bad to the Bone Bucks 8 DVD.

Backwoods Life TV Host Michael Lee, along with production crew members Chase Gregg and Scott Cooper, have trophy whitetail bowhunts featured on Bad to the Bone Bucks 8. Muzzy chose these bowhunts because of the high-quality outdoors entertainment that Backwoods Life is known for.

Backwoods Life TV is hosted by Lee, Kevin Knighton, and Trey Wetherington and their current Season 5 is one of the most-watched outdoors sports shows on the Pursuit Channel. The show features a wide-range of hunting- including successful bow, shotgun, rifle, and muzzleloader hunts and is filmed as the action happens…totally unscripted.

“Backwoods Life is all about quality outdoors television entertainment and our current Season 5 airing on the Pursuit Channel is definitely our best ever.” said Michael Lee, host of The Backwoods Life, “We are very excited that Muzzy has chosen bowhunts from our TV show to be featured on their Bad to the Bone Bucks 8 DVD.”

Muzzy Bad to the Bone Bucks 8 is 100% fair-chase bowhunting with some of the most mind-boggling hunting footage you’ve ever witnessed. It is available at your local Muzzy retailer or online at

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At Muzzy it’s about attitude. Some are hunters and some are gatherers. We are hunters. Hunting is one of man’s most basic instincts. It is at the core of our being. Undeniable. Some learn to gather, but we were born to hunt. The first tools of early man were the spear, not the hoe. It’s about understanding nature, the world as it is, and our place in that world. And it’s about acceptance. Accepting the natural challenge of taking a wild animal on its own turf using intelligence, some sharp tools and little else. We accept it because are are more than hunters, we are bowhunters. Different. A breed apart. An elite cadre of the hunting world with the drive to test our skills in nature’s own arena. It is who we are. And we are bad to the bone. For more information, please visit:

About Backwoods Life on the Pursuit Channel
If you’re looking for another boring outdoor show, then turn the channel. Backwoods Life, formerly Southern Backwoods Adventures, was developed in 2004 when three guys banging their heads together said, “Since we are going hunting and fishing anyway, let’s try to make some great video of it!” Since that day the Backwoods Life team of Michael Lee, Kevin Knighton, Trey Wetherington, among others, have dedicated their time and efforts into producing the highest quality outdoor television and video entertainment for you, the viewer, to enjoy. With a 100% real “in your face” approach to the outdoors, their efforts have evolved into a national television show that now airs on the Pursuit Channel. For more information, please visit:

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