Sportsman Industries Introduces 36 Inch Sportsman Pocket Chain Saw in the Market

Sportsman Industries is a new company and makers of the Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw. We are very proud of our high standards and quality as exhibited in our first product by catering to the avid Outdoorsman, Gardener and Camper.

Online PR News – 27-January-2014 – La Belle/FL – Sportsman Industries, a new company and maker of Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw, now introduces a high quality product, Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw 36 inch with front snap carrying case in the market. The product is both available in the company’s official business website and in Amazon Store. The company targets to cater the needs of gardeners, campers and outdoorsman for a quality tool they could use for finishing outdoor tasks easily and faster.

Sportsman Pocket Chainsaw is a professional hand saw tool that could be very ideal for survival kits. It fits to be used during camping, gardening, hiking, and fishing or even the ATV outdoorsman. The tool can be an ideal alternative for pole saw or tree pruner. It is made with high strength material like its strong heat treated steel.

Sportsman Industries understands well how inconvenient it is to carry a chainsaw, especially during camping or other outdoor activities. This is why it had made a compact pocket chainsaw that is very versatile, functional and portable to use. Sportsman pocket chainsaw can actually cut three inches limb in just a matter of ten seconds. It is also easy to use with a chain saw style cutting teeth that tears through wood easily.

The handy tool produced by the company is also very tough as it can cut anything ranging from branches into large tree trunks. It has a heavy duty nylon handles and rugged metal bracket making it easy and comfortable to handle when cutting through materials. It has a longer chain with razor sharp blades that can saw thick limb’s three sides all at once. Its long chain also enables the saw make longer strokes with more saw teeth and faster cutting time.

Sportsman 36 inch pocket chainsaw is a three foot saw that is very ideal to use in clearing trees that blocks user’s path or road outdoor and can be used by anyone easily. It comes with a carrying case with a belt loop, making it easy to carry, especially if users are going to camping at places far from their home. It is designed to penetrate through hard woods easily even if it is in confined spaces. To prevent it from having corrosion, the product should be specially treated with oil.