Red Wind Councils Announces Website Renewal

U.S. non-profit organization benefiting the indigenous Maya in Chiapas posts compelling updates on their in-depth website.

Online PR News – 27-January-2014 – Boston, MA – Red Wind Councils, a charitable U.S. non-profit, is founded on three decades of effective work in Chiapas by native wisdom-holder, Ohki Siminé Forest, to share core principles of indigenous wisdom that ignite spiritual transformation and community healing. Partnering with impoverished indigenous Maya, Red Wind has successfully implemented decades of self-determined projects supporting the spiritual renewal and social justice struggle of the people, based in native Council Ways.

In their newly renovated website, Red Wind outlines principles of Council Ways as well as highlighting many of their grassroots projects, including bringing vaccine refrigerators to rural health clinics, providing funds for health, education, permaculture, water, solar electricity and communication projects, and renewing dignity and hope for women through providing U.S. markets for their traditional indigenous crafts.

Their entirely volunteer efforts have helped create essential stabilization and restored dignity through sustainable programs in rural communities, impacting hundreds of families and thousands of people. Red Wind has also contributed to the building of two Medicine Centers in Chiapas for assisting the renewal of Native spirituality in the face of 520 years of repression. For three decades, Red Wind has been building alliances with the Maya, creating a core of strength and sanity despite their extreme poverty and oppression. Based on the ancient councils of indigenous Medicine Wheel ways, Red Wind models the restoration of the Maya spiritual and cultural legacy before it disappears.

Funding partners have included the Saylor Hawkins Foundation, the Rudolf Steiner Foundation, the Levinson Foundation, the James H. Woods Foundation, and One Heart Many Rhythms, as well as thousands of individual donors.

The Maya legacy is one of the most profound in the Western hemisphere, despite the spiritual and cultural devastation of the indigenous who have been marginalized and impoverished for centuries. To preserve and restore Council Ways, Red Wind works at many levels in assisting the Maya, always respecting the decisions and direction that they indicate, independently of any political or religious affiliation. Red Wind Councils does not impose directions on the people, but consults with them on what they wish to implement in their lives and with their families. Their efforts provide support, advice, ideas and funds to the people for sustainable development, spiritual renewal and cultural projects.

In a recent communication, Ohki S. Forest emphasized the purpose and mission of Red Wind Councils. “Red Wind believes in the inherent strength and spirit of the people. Our focus with the Maya encourages greater self-confidence and an experience of unity through the recovery of their traditional spiritual ways. Through spiritual, educational, cultural and social projects, we create islands of sanity, and egalitarian alliances with the people to help them revive their traditional ways before they are lost. The living Maya stand in the modern world as conscious carriers of hope for all humanity. Red Wind Councils is honored to partner with them in this vital and transformative vision.”

Red Wind Councils’ new website, enhanced by spectacular photos by emerging Chiapanecan artist, Amalia M. F., is an inspiring and informative example of charitable support that respects the dignity and autonomy of the people, and provides real change for both those who give as well as those who receive.