Christian husbands and family leaders are taking a stand against the rampant sex and drugs promoted by Hollywood. Their battle against the invasive evil that harms the lives of Christians and the fabric of culture, just found a new ally...

Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – Christian husbands and family leaders are waging a war against a pattern of easy sex, drunkenness and drug use in movies, TV and especially online. They blame America’s celebrity-obsessed culture for invading their homes and families with lewd and suggestive imagery on newspapers and magazines. They note the pop-up Internet ads and email spam which promotes adultery, pornography, and a total escape into a fantasy land of evil.

Patterns of pornography addiction have risen sharply in recent years as mainstream entertainment continues to feature jokes and favorable plots about pornography, creating a gray area where there was once a solid cultural barrier. This heartfelt note, recently posted on EndMyPornAddiction.Org

EndMyPornAddiction.Org,a site which acts as a portal for those struggling with pornography in their lives, speaks directly about the realities of dealing with pornography: “Please pray for me as I try but keep failing. I know I am weak and it is hurting my family. I get irritated and want to quit so badly. When things get hard with my life,I turn to the internet for gratification ---Please pray that I can overcome this and become a whole person once again, as this is one part of my life that I am not proud of and need help.”

The site, which features definitions, resources, frequently asked questions and an email feedback loop, offers Christians a great deal of clarity regarding pornography and its mainstream approval. Said one site visitor, EndMyPornAddiction.Org gave me the straight answers on how to stand up to Hollywood and the constant threat of pornography.

Other site features, such as information on pornographic Internet blockers, Christian Recovery programs, and detailed recommendations for each member of the family are highly read pages on the site. The most popular, however, is the page which answers the question, What is Pornography Addiction?

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