Positive Thinking Entrepreneur Now Offering Free Online Course

Inarguably, life is dynamic, and only those who walk and work with correct principles would achieve the success within it.

Online PR News – 27-January-2014 – Philadelphia, PA 19102 – For anyone to succeed and be happy in any sphere of life, it is very imperative to cultivate the right mindset, have positive drive, and understand all factors that would create the kind of lifestyle desired. With a view to helping people succeed in 2014, Stanley H. Greene, a positive thinking entrepreneur, now offers a free online course for worldwide clients who desire happiness in their relationship, business, and any other affairs of life.

Stanley H. Greene has been in the experts industry for over 3 decades, and his pedigree as a positive thinking entrepreneur has helped him to build credibility as an authority when it comes to using the power of positive psychology to set and realize goals in a field without any hassle or stress. He is the creator and founder of Power Thinking Corp, an organization that is dedicated to mental empowerment toward positive thinking and lifestyle for success in any aspect of life.

According to the positive thinking entrepreneur, Stanley H Greene, as regard his 2014 plan, Power Thinking Corp now opens its online training program for prospective learners who would like to discover secrets on the roots of successes and failures in life. "Through this free online course, participants would discover simple, but powerful ways to get employed in their chosen career, make more money or create wealth that posterity can inherit, and improve on their relationship with relatives and relations. Principally, our corporate objective is to make people happier and be more resilient than ever before," he reveals.

It's also reported that the training is a product of the work of several professors in over 30 years of research on secrets and science behind what makes some people fail in a particular aspect of life while others succeed therein. Stanley H. Greene, the acclaimed positive thinking entrepreneur of Power Thinking Corp, confirms, saying, "It's our passion to reach out to those who need professional help. Such people can take an advantage of our offer as it is a global, unlimited access to a life-changing 5-hour online course for just 7 days."

For more information on the 7-day free online course of Stanley H. Greene as it is being offered at the official website of Power Thinking Corp, go to http://www.powerthinkingcorp.com/e-camps/ic_07-2012/landing/

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