Lionhardt Technologies Canada releases powerful Twitter spam surveillance tool.

Lionhardt Technologies releases LIONYTICS™ for Twitter in response to recent spam wave.

Online PR News – 26-January-2014 – Ottawa, Ontario – Ottawa based Lionhardt Technologies consumer products division has recently released an advanced tool
for consumers that automatically blocks spam from invading Twitter accounts.

Lionhardt’s CEO, Richard Eradus warns;

“In the past month a new wave of spammers has targeted Twitter users; in fact 60% of all direct twitter messages and mentions are spam or malware attacks.
Spammers, like hackers, are continually changing their tactics in order to reach as many people as possible...AND they’re succeeding!
Recently, many celebrities & European government ministers’ Twitter accounts were hacked!
The hackers used their accounts to send out spam without their knowledge, misrepresenting them to the public.
Followers, assuming the tweets to be legitimate, clicked on recommended links, and as a result, had their account details phished.
Details that can be used in other illegal spam related activity. Damage control after such an incident is time-consuming and costly. “

This explains the recent increase in sign-ups for spam protection.
In the past month Lionhardt Tech has had to scramble to accommodate the varying requirements requested by the public,
including a “lock-tight” service plan for celebrities that guarantees complete anonymity. For these high profile accounts Lionhardt offers dedicated
real-time scanning using a powerful monitoring tool called “Sentinels”.

Lionytics is, by far, the most advanced tool for Twitter to combat spam & malware attacks.
It continuously scans 24/7 for content that can harm your twitter presence including third party applications that may be posting content without your knowledge.
It’s not an app – and there is no software to install. You sign-up, set your preferences, and Lionytics™ takes care of the rest.
Members also have full control of blocking and unblocking “friends” and “spammers” using account settings.

There are five different plans to choose from based on the number of accounts you register starting as low as $9.98 per month!
All plans provide full monitoring and up to the minute stats as well as many other nice-to-have features.
Check out the complete list and further info at

Lionytics is compliant with Canada’s anti-spam legislation and is designed to integrate up-coming amendments.

Lionhardt software products are sold worldwide and available both online and at the retail level in many larger North American outlets.

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