Erythritol from Gert Strand AB of Sweden makes life easier for UK buyers that shop at Amazon UK

Renowned Swedish company Gert Strand AB has an uncanny habit of coming up with ingenious products that promote good health and great tasty at the same time.

Online PR News – 26-January-2014 – Malmo Sweden – Gert Strand AB of Sweden has introduced a wide range of healthy and tasty products that have won loyal customers in the commercial and retail industry throughout Europe. The company offers essences, concentrates, sugar-free flavors, yeasts, and allied products through select trustworthy online stores. One such product that has now made life easier for UK buyers that shop on Amazon UK is Erythritol, a natural granulated sugar substitute that does not contain any sugar or calories.

This natural sugar substitute is similar to sugar in taste and is found in various fruits including pears, melons, and grapes. This product can replace sugar in beverages as well as in baking, and cooking since it can handle heat unlike most other sweeteners available in the market.

Erythritol from Gert Strand AB of Sweden has around 75 percent of sweetness of normal sugar when compared by weight to regular sugar. This versatile product can be easily used in direct substitution to sugar and can be enjoyed without guilt by those on a diet as well by diabetics. Buyers may just need to add a little more Erythritol as compared to regular sugar in order to enjoy the same level of sweetness in their foods and beverages.

This 100 percent natural product does not damage teeth. Erythritol is available in 500 gm plastic containers. The shipping weight of this product is 581 gms. This product is also very easy to digest and hence is a boon for health conscious consumers as well as diabetics that need to watch their sugar intake at all times.

Gert Strand AB of Sweden offers Erythritol in 500 gm packing at Amazon UK to enable UK buyers to reap multiple benefits. Buyers can enjoy next day door-delivery of this product provided they place their orders before the required time limit on that day. In addition, buyers all over the UK can also enjoy totally free-shipping when they order Gert Strand’s Erythritol from Amazon UK.