Spray Foam Insulation Alternative For Pole Barns - Fire Resistant, Non-Toxic At 25% less than Foam

Agri Com Insulation is presenting an insulation product similar to spray foam insulation at 25% less the cost.

Online PR News – 25-January-2014 – Holland, OH – Agri Com Insulation, a division of Insulation Toledo, is pleased to announce an addition to their product line that is designed to allow farmers the ability to insulate their pole barns with more advantages than have been previously available, while still enjoying the same level of comfort they've come to enjoy and expect - all at a lower cost.

This innovative product is called, "SATAC", which stands for, "Spray Applied Thermal Acoustical Cellulose".

Jack Kerr, of Agri Com Insulation, stated that, "Most people are familiar with spray foam insulation. However, recent studies have shown that spray foam has toxic properties, is highly flammable and is one of the more expensive forms of insulation to install."

Kerr went on to say, "Although spray foam provides a high level of insulation, there are quite a few downsides to its use as well. We wanted to be able to offer an alternative insulation product that had all of the benefits of spray foam, with fewer (if any) of the liabilities. The fact that it's considerably less expensive than spray foam insulation is just one more huge benefit that we believe consumers, especially those in the farming community, will certainly welcome.

First and foremost, SATAC is an excellent form of insulation. It has a 3.72 R-value per inch AND can be applied up to 4 inches in thickness, providing a total R-value of nearly 15! (To put that in perspective, walls in most homes are have an R-value of between 9-12.)

Some of the other many benefits that SATAC offers include:

57% more fire resistant than spray foam. It's manufactured using a fire retardant that's integrated into the material, making it noncombustible. Heat cannot even penetrate through it. The material has passed rigid testing requirements, allowing it to remain exposed - something that regular cellulose insulation that's typically used in homes is not able to do!)

Kerr went on to add, "Also, the SATAC material is Non-Toxic, so it's safe. And it's Non-Corrosive, so it's made to last!"

One of the features that consumers appear to love most is that SATAC is very practical. Kerr stated, "It can be applied to any properly prepared surface, including wood, plaster, concrete, glass, metal panels, and many other common construction materials. So it makes an excellent insulation material for pole barns and metal buildings.

Also, it comes in five different colors (White, Off-White, Oyster, Tan and Gray). And if you're not happy with any of those, you can paint it. Yes, it can be painted, so it even looks great on interior walls."

In addition, SATAC insulates noise. The fibers in the material naturally absorb sound and reduce reverberations. "Its acoustical properties makes it a perfect insulation solution for movie theaters, auditoriums, television/sound studios as well as manufacturing facilities," Pierce went on to say.

Once more, SATAC controls condensation. The material is applied in conjunction with an adhesive, which permanently bonds the insulation to the substrate surface. This forms a "monolithic seal" that virtually eliminates any air infiltration.

And finally, the material is pest resistant, so it's made to keep critters away!

Being a great insulating material and having all of these unique benefits, you'd expect this specially designed insulating product to be expensive.

Kerr stated, "That's the best part! Even with all of these great benefits, it's about 25% less in price than spray foam. That's why we're so excited to be able to offer this to the farming community. We know it's something they've been waiting for, and it's finally here!

For more information about SATAC insulation material, please contact Agri Com Insulation at http://agricominsulation.com
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