FlyGREENopens blog for special flight offers

FlyGREEN provides special offers for scheduled flights, charter flights, and cheap flights on Berlin, 09 July 2010 - Intakt Internet Services GmbH & Co. ...

Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – Berlin, 09 July 2010 - Intakt Internet Services GmbH & Co. KG, a provider of online services with a product lineup ranging from travel and tourism to hospitality, today announced the launch of a new blog serving as a communication channel for flight booking. After the change in corporate structure and objectives, FlyGREEN ( intends to provide special offers and reach new customers with the blog.

"Carbon neutral flights are known as expensive and including additional fees. However, there is a development of price setting that today allows all providers of carbon neutral scheduled, charter, and cheap flights to offer their products to airlines, charter carriers, and consolidators in a similar price range as other providers. The amount of an emission fee is not relevant to the final price as long as providers use cheaper tariffs or large contingents that allow an individual price setting," explains Maren Hinrichs, project coordinator for FlyGREEN at Intakt Internet Services.

This is exactly the strategy FlyGREEN will pursue over the next time: a large range of scheduled, charter, and cheap flights for online bookings. Travelers can find these temporary special offers at the FlyGREEN blog. In addition, FlyGREEN also provides a service for passengers who wish to make a donation to help run projects in the area of solar, hydropower, biomass, or energy-efficiency.

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