Trilogy Yachts offering new dimension of services to travellers

The revolutionary services formulated by Trilogy Yachts are revolutionizing the travel industry.

Online PR News – 25-January-2014 – Marina Yacht Club – Trilogy Yachts is forming a rundown of various new services and facilities for the travellers from all over the world. The revolutionary services formulated by Trilogy Yachts are revolutionizing the travel industry.

23rd of January, 2014: The yacht is a sign of a glittery lifestyle and it lives up to the standard of living of the city. The yachts are often used to host business parties, get together and other barbeque parties out in the sea. These are luxury automobiles with all the features to leave you drooling for a life time. The yachts come outfitted with a number of features that make your life on the boat more luxurious and comforting as compare to land. The Trilogy Yachts is a company that specializes in renting such yachts to their rich clients, who love their time on the boat for a private rendezvous or a hep party. This is the perfect reason as to why the Trilogy Yachts is so famous with its devoted clientele. They make the experience on the yachts memorable in every which way and more comforting and luxurious than what can be imagined.

“We specialize in renting and leasing of luxury yachts for a number of purposes. Be it a business conference, leisure trips, short vacation, business or youngster parties, dinner or engagement party, name the purpose and we have a yacht all decked up for you. Not only this, recently we have also launched newer services and facilities for our clients that also include Dinner Cruise Services.”- Said the CEO, Trilogy yachts.
The company has always been into serving its clients with the best in everything, be that yachts or associated services. With the rise in popularity and demand the company has also increased its efficiency in execution of services and inherited a constant growth.

“We look forward to formulating newer services and providing grander yachts for our clients. Our yachts are outfitted with high end technology and state of the art interiors. All this gives a lavish and classic feel to the yachts with a wild mix of casualness.”- Finished the CEO.

With so many varieties of yachts made available it becomes hard for the customers to chose and rent an option in a short period of time.

“I loved every second sent on the yacht. The interiors are awesome and I loved how the yacht raced through the water. Brilliant service put forward by Trilogy Yachts.”- Said a new client of the company.

The company has opened a website as well as a brochure facility to make it simpler and more convenient for the clients to go through the options and facilities at offer.