Virtual Drive’s Free File Share Facility Lets Users Save Up To 90% on File Server Costs

Users who choose Virtual Drive need not pay for the file server hardware and software. They also get basic services for free

Online PR News – 24-January-2014 – 1/23/2014, Olathe, KS – Olathe, KS Virtual Drive promises to save more than 90% on costs incurred on file server. Users who sign up for free with them need not pay for the file server hardware and software. Besides this, they also offer features such as remote access, file sharing on browser or Virtual Drive FileManager, unlimited file size, drag and drop features, automatic folder synchronization, publish or host files etc. up to 1GB free.

The secure cloud services provider includes power packed features. Some of them include, "easy access to remote file from anywhere, anytime and without the need for VPN, remote share documents, automatic synchronization of folders among different users and multiple PCs," says a spokesperson for the Company. They use the high-end RAID storage system and latest server equipments to ensure protection of file servers.

When compared to in-house file server solutions, they're cost effective, offer better performance, and offer greater security. For instance, managing an in-house file server system costs around $1000-$3000 or more as you would need to purchase, set up, configure and manage the server. Unlike in house server systems, Virtual Drive offers file encryption.

They also offer free online backup. "With our online backup services, you need not purchase expensive backup devices. We offer to backup your emails, offsite files, etc. without worrying about virus, accidental deletion, fire, etc. We also support SSL/HTTPS and data encryption to ensure high security," adds the spokesperson.

About Virtual Drive:

Virtual Drive is one among the first companies to offer secure cloud services. The Company that was started in 1999 is the official service provider to several organizations including ITV, IFL, NHS, etc.

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