New Web Company Announces Innovative Time Management Skills on How to be 1200% more Productive
07/09/2010 is a membership site designed by time management professionals geared towards improving entrepreneurs on executive time management, workplace skills and how to increase productivity.

Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – Houston, Texas, July 8, 2010 - Time Management Tutor is an e-course for entrepreneurs and like minded individuals who value their time. With 12 simple steps in the e-course, they can improve their personal time management skills to become 1200% more productive in their workplace.

There is an old saying, ‘time and tide wait for none’. How true it is? These are tough times as many organizations have taken a beating due to lack of work. Jobs are tough to come by and many individuals have suffered due to the financial recession. In these kinds of situations an e-course on effective time management skills can come in handy.

It can make individuals more aware on how to use their time more effectively both at workplace and at home. Time management can’t be defined or explained to anyone as it only lies within each person and how they practice it. Being able to do many things within a short period of time can be called as time management.

When prioritizing the tasks at hand individuals can achieve greater efficiency in their work and complete tasks faster. It can vary from individual to individual as their tasks vary from each other. All successful people have implemented time management strategies and come up in life.

With the Time Management Tutor get to know the following answers:

• Discover how to stop dreaded procrastation in its tracks.

• Why multitasking actually hurts your productivity.

• Why outsourcing work is extremely vital and where labor can be found on any budget.

• The right set of tools that will help shed huge amounts of time off at least %85 of tasks.

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