An intelligent system solution for packaging, weighing, checking and labelling

Bizerba presents strong partnerships for the entire production process

Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – Balingen, 9th July 2010 - „We intend to present a system to the decision makers in the meat processing industry that consists of Bizerba products and of products of our international partners and which significantly increase the efficiency of all production processes related to packaging, weighing, checking and labelling in the meat processing industry,” Dieter Conzelmann, the Director of Industry Solutions at Bizerba, explains. The system consists of the packaging machine Traysealer T 700 of the company Multivac, the Bizerba labelling machine GLM-I 170 featuring application solutions for the labelling from above and below with individual labels as well as for the labelling from three sides with the new C-Wrap technology, the BES Vision System for label inspections and the Case Packer of the company CPS as well as the industrial labelling machine GLM-B in combination with the CWL-Eco in-motion scales.

The Multivac Traysealer T 700 seals and automatically delivers individual packaging to the Bizerba labelling machine GLM-I 170. An optical monitoring system is installed above the feeder belt. “The system distinguishes between black and white trays and is thus able to activate the corresponding PLU identification number for the subsequent weighing and labelling of each individual article by the Bizerba labelling machine GLM-I 170,” Dieter Conzelmann, the Director of Industry Solutions at Bizerba, explains.

When the PLU1 (black tray) is identified, both the top as well as the band labeller are activated. The first top applicator of the GLM-I 170 attaches the TTI system label to the packaging. This label is charged with a dark blue UV paint. The higher the ambient air temperature during the transport of fresh foodstuffs the more rapidly the colour changes to white. Being ideal freshness detectors, these labels can be an important aid for the consumer in determining the freshness of individual products. The TTI also simplifies the handling of foodstuffs in the supply chain, since it allows for the sorting out of spoiled foodstuffs even before the goods are accepted by the deliveryman. The goods can be sorted by freshness levels and, if necessary, be sold as special offers, if they are close to expiring. Since the condition of the TTI label is scanned and thereby documented at the till during sale, the retailer can, in the case of a claim for damage, prove that the goods had left his shop in good condition.

The second top applicator attaches the price label and the band labelling machine the barcode. PLU2 (white tray) on the other hand activates the C-Wrap labeller. This machine permits the attachment of labels on three sides – from above, from the sides and from below. The GLM-I 170 is a price labelling machine of the GLM-I range which is specially designed for the high-performance labelling of small packaging weights. The modularity within the GLM-I range permits the combination of the weighing unit with all labelling systems – the GLM-I 170 also provides blasting, stamping, band and rotational applications.

The mechanics and the control technology of the Vision System of Bizerba’s subsidiary BES are integrated into the GLM-I 170. Depending on the respective activated product data records (PLU) the system performs different tasks: It checks whether the attached TTI label has been activated, whether a data matrix code exists or whether the text on the C-Wrap is correct. What is more the packages’ content can be counted and checked with regard to texture against reference pictures. Faulty packages are indicated.

The boxes are then delivered to the Case-Packer of the company CPS. This machine automatically packs four trays into one E1 box. In the next step the boxes are weighed on the Bizerba CWL-Eco in-motion scales. The scales feature different programmes such as counting, tolerance checks as well as recognition of faults in the product range and they reach a conveying speed of up to two metres per second.

Finally the boxes are labelled by the GLM-B. This flexible industrial labelling machine permits labelling from the side and from above. “The GLM-B is particularly well suited to print labels of up to 120 x 150 mm in size. The machine allows blasting and stamping applications and due to its great variety of interfaces it can easily be integrated into various labelling arrays,” Conzelmann concluding.

About Bizerba:

Bizerba is a leading, worldwide-operating technology company offering professional system solutions in scale, label, information and food service technologies, in the retail, food industry, producing and logistic segments. Sector-specific hardware and software, high-performance network-compatible management systems as well as a wide selection of labels, consumables and business services ensure transparent control of integrated business processes and high-level availability of Bizerba-specific performance features.

Worldwide, Bizerba is present in over 120 countries – with 41 shareholdings in 23 countries, as well as 54 country distributors. In 2009, company turnover decreased by approx. 9 % compared to previous year. The company’s headquarters, with a staff of 3,000, is located in Balingen, Germany. Further manufacturing facilities are located in Meßkirch, Bochum, Vienna (Austria), Pfäffikon (Switzerland), Milan (Italy), Shanghai (China), Forest Hill (USA) and San Luis Potosi (Mexico).