Reconstructing The History Of Wooden Ship Building With Artesania Latina Model Kits

We can reconstruct the history by building the replicas of the most classical wooden ships using the Artesania Latina wooden ship model kits

Online PR News – 14-March-2009 – – Pacheco,California - Much before we came to use all the other modes of transportation, we learnt to travel by water. However, the earliest ships developed by the human race resembled nothing like today’s ships. They were very basic and they just met the functional requirements of transportation by water. As we can easily imagine they were just logs tied together. We do not really have a complete documented history of the development of wooden ships. The history of wooden ships is compiled by piecing together various bits and pieces of information from across the world. The first known log boats are around 8000 to 9000 years old. However, there are reports of first sailing ships in Egypt dating around 3500 BC. Rome too seems to have played an active part in ship building. Their ships were capable of handling up to 1000 tons. One of the famous antique ships is from Alexandria called Syrakosia of Alexandria.

Since people did not know the latest joinery methods to keep the wooden pieces together the wooden planks were sewn together at least until the Medieval era. During the Medieval era, they learnt to use wooden pegs in wooden ship building. The wooden ship building started enjoying a massive growth since then and we came to build many huge ships and the greatest ships of our history. Eventually we came to build ships such as the classic tall ships including the US Constellation. These ships used plank-on-bulkhead construction, brass fittings, cloth sails and rigging lines. They are categorized under the intermediate and advanced wooden ship models.

Some of the most popular wooden ships known to us are:

The H.M.S. Endeavour - launched in 1765.

The H.M.S. Victory - launched on May 7, 1765

The U.S. Constellation - launched in 1798

The wooden ship building interests have taken a different course in the history. Today we can find hundreds of hobby wooden ship builders who build replica ship miniatures using the model kits. Artesania Latina is one of the top suppliers of all types of wooden ship model kits. These model kits from Artesania Latina are known for their highest quality. These model kits are not meant to be mere toys but to be used by professional hobby wooden ship builders. Using these model kits exact replicas of famous wooden ships can be built. These model ships built will help us rebuild the history of the wooden ship building and their actual time of service in the history.

All the Artesania Latina wooden ship model kits come with a complete set of instructions, full scale rigging diagram as well as ship building tools with some of the models. Among all the other wooden ship model kits, Artesania Latina stands out because of their unbeatable quality and competitive pricing. Every hobbyist’s first preference on wooden ship model kits would be Artesania Latina because it allows them to build professional looking model ships with ease. Those who want to order Artesania Latina model kits can visit and order their favorite models conveniently online at the most competitive rates.

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