Second Book of the Koinobi Trilogy is Released

The eagerly awaited Aquilan continues the saga.

Online PR News – 24-January-2014 – Marble, NC – Marble, NC, January 24, 2014 -- Science fiction fans are elated that Reid Minnich’s second book in his Koinobi Trilogy is now available in paperback and e-book editions. Aquilan begins by resolving the cliffhanger ending of Koinobi and takes readers on another fast paced adventure that spans the galaxies.

Koinobi began the series with the introduction of Tweeskzaht, the alien parasite who uses humans as hosts. In a twist on science fiction convention, Tweeskzaht is a sentient and compassionate being with a mission to unite three races of alien life forms. After a number of regenerations, Tweeskzaht comes upon a man with a fatal illness, and they become united in their cause.

Mike’s degenerative disease left him in a wheelchair with the certain knowledge that his life could end at any time. Working as a freelance computer technician from his home, he is cut off from the world he longs to join and the life he craves.

Mike’s decision, he finds out, is not only his personal liberation from his deteriorating body but the chance to reroute Earth from an inevitable fate. However, it comes with a very high cost that involves not only his own life but the lives of people he has come to care about.

Aquilan takes readers even deeper into the struggle for power as Tweekzaht and Mike take on the monumental challenges of unifying worlds and breaking down fear and intolerance while keeping their friends alive and free. Both sides struggle to come to terms with pre-conceived notions.

Minnich says he conceived the concept of the trilogy by presenting an exaggerated situation which forces characters into making hard choices based on their greatest desires. Says Minnich, “If you were isolated from all humanity because of your appearance, how much would the appearance of your soul-mate matter? I wanted the reader to be able to understand and believe the driving forces of both Tweeskzaht and Mike.”

Both Koinobi and Aqulian are available, on Amazon, bookstores and Word Branch Publishing’s website: The final book in the trilogy, Pantheron, will be released in fall of 2014.

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