The Omatrix Center Launches Innovative Programs for Personal Development

The Omatrix Center is a spiritual university focusing on lifestyle and personal development. They have recently launched new packages and programs for Yoga, meditation and energy medicine.

Online PR News – 24-January-2014 – Maui, Hawaii – The Omatrix Center, founded by Babaji Maharaj, celebrity guru and healer, has recently announced the launch of several programs available both online and in Maui, Hawaii. The programs are designed to help individuals with personal development, lifestyle, healing and support for their physical, mental and emotional needs. It is expected that the programs will provide a platform of support for health and wellness, while reducing stress and enhancing one’s lifestyle.

The launch of programs is divided by introductory and in - depth explorations of the field of health and wellness. Many of the options are offered as e-courses as an outreach to the global community. For those that want to discover more are personal and group intensives and retreats for advanced techniques and explorations. All programs offered count as credits for Omatrix certification programs.

The set of programs includes The Yoga Diet, an innovative method to 21st century Yoga offered by Maharaj. The Yoga Diet includes techniques for a healthy lifestyle and a set of sequences that he has developed known as “Super Yoga”. The formula is combined with Super Food and healing herbs as a high nutritional enrichment diet, specifically used to re-generate an individual. By using this program for a matter of weeks, individuals can look and feel 10 years younger.

The launch of programs also includes e-course introductions and intensives for meditation, energy medicine, healing and empowerment courses. These include specialized techniques offered for personal development and healing as well as custom opportunities for businesses and groups.

“We expect the launch of our Spring programs to assist hundreds and thousands of people. Our main interest is to be a platform and educational support system to those who are in need of improving their lifestyle to become healthier, happier and more successful in 2014. We have the formulas for greater health and which can empower and bring people to peak levels of energy in the shortest period of time. We invite all young and old who are looking for the ultimate system of incorporating exercise and diet and positive attitude and making those all important lifestyle changes,” states Maharaj.