Changing the World in a T-Shirt by Living the Ocean Lifestyle.

Open Ocean Company apparel launches t-shirt line that challenges you to submerge yourself in the open ocean of making a difference.

Online PR News – 24-January-2014 – Marietta, GA – Teens and young adults have few choices in clothing brands that project positive messages about themselves. They're left to compromise with brands that either outwardly objectify the person wearing it, display messages of culturally negative influence or the company itself is known for subversive marketing tactics.

It's clear that people are looking for high ground on the landscape of culture that stands for doing the right thing, being true to family and friends, and ultimately making a difference for good in the world. This is evidenced in the record breaking success of TV shows that buck the trend of what critics say make a good TV show. Similarly, other clothing and shoe brands that give back, pay it forward or assist the less fortunate in many ways have seen exponential growth in recent times.

T-shirts have always been an effective media for broadcasting messages, visual communication and culture-changing ideas. Open Ocean Company apparel takes advantage of this medium to create visualizations of the customer going, doing, giving, and serving others. The Open Ocean Company brand and designs invoke reflective thought about how the wearer could make the world a better place. It's called "living the Open Ocean lifestyle". The brand is all about being a selfless force of good like the ocean. The open ocean can lead anywhere, at any time. Be dressed for it.

You can learn more about Open Ocean Company apparel at: The brand is not just about making and selling apparel, it's about helping various charitable organizations by donating 10% of net profits to a select charity each month. The Open Ocean Company brand is also reinforced by saving another 10% of net profits for the entire year that will be used to do something really special for a deserving person, charity or organization. The real product of Open Ocean Company isn't apparel, it's culture change.

Open Ocean Company is the official outfitter of the generation that recaptured the spirit of putting others before self. We are agents of culture change clothed in the “drop everything” apparel of going and getting it done. When you live the Open Ocean lifestyle it can lead anywhere at any time. Be dressed for it!