Launch of Jamonprivé
01/24/2014 is a website dedicated to Quality Spanish Iberian products, such as Jamón Ibérico, Lomo Ibérico and Chorizo Ibérico. The aim is to promote and sell high quality Iberian products.

Online PR News Р24-January-2014 РBilbao, Espa̱a РThe scarcity of platforms dedicated to the online sale of Iberian products and the gaps in those that already exist will become a thing of the past thanks to the imminent launch, on March 2014, of, a portal specialised in the distribution of high-quality Iberian products.

Indeed, upon searching the Internet we quickly realise how fragmented the Iberian ham and cold cuts market is. Large manufacturers do everything possible to increase their sales but they do not have a shop online – the majority in order not to compete with distributors. It is certain that there are no platforms which offer high-quality products with an attractive design and a satisfactory shopping experience. In this sense, presents itself as a pioneering project in this sector.
What are the strong points of Without doubt, their secret weapon is the fact that they work with four leading companies in the sector: Arturo Sánchez, Revisan, Ibéricos Dehesa de Casablanca and Cinco Jotas (5J). They all offer Iberian acorn-fed hams (Jamón ibérico de bellota), chorizos, sausages (salchichón) and fillets (lomos) of the highest quality and national and international recognition.
On the other hand, one must emphasise the professional experience and wide technical knowledge of the team of, made up of specialists in marketing, finance, programming, IT and graphic design. This technical capital translates into a shopping experience without complications, with an attractive web design and rapid and efficient customer service, which allows end-consumers to direct all their attention to what really matters to them: quality Iberian ham, slices of Iberian chorizo cut by hand or Premium boxes with a selection of the best Iberian products.
Furthermore, has implemented a drop-shipping strategy for the sale of its products throughout Europe, a booming method of online sale. Jamonprive does not stock its products physically, which means that once a client makes a purchase, the provider is contacted and sends the product via a transport company directly to the client. The main advantage for the consumer is that they can make their purchase easily and at very competitive prices, as well as receiving the product quickly whilst saving on shipping costs. At the same time that the consumer benefits, so does the provider, since their brand and image is promoted on the Web without needing to maintain expensive commercial and marketing strategies. takes its expertise in Internet user experience and sales on behalf of providers, in order to implement an online marketing strategy that includes such important factors like SEO positioning and optimisation for mobile use (M-Commerce).
In this way, and following these 4 main points (high-quality products, competitive prices, superior sales experience and drop-shipping) presents itself to the world, in its first stages, launching its website and blog in Spain, with the aim of widening its market, firstly within Europe and later worldwide, and thus becoming the best business for selling Iberian products online. Welcome to