Crowdsourcing website yutongo draws world map of creativity

yutongo, a startup where businesses and organizations can create Idea Challenges and individuals participate in online brainstormings analyzed the usage of the platform by users from over 50 countries all over the globe and came up with a couple of interesting findings.

Online PR News – 24-January-2014 – Biel/Bienne – Although the information pulled out from the study is not representative as reported by the founders of the application, it still draws an interesting picture about how different regions of the world approach creativity and ideas.

According to the study most of the creators of Idea Challenges, the idea seekers, aren't located in high-tech focussed countries like the United States, Japan or Germany as you might think, but in South-American countries like Venezuela, Brazil and Argentinia or in Russia, Spain and Turkey.

In contrast, most active problem solvers and idea contributors on the platform are located in the United States, South Amercia, India, Italy and Northern Europe. Project topics processed on the platform vary from classic business topics like name finding tasks and product development to non-profit orientated tasks as or instance how tourists can connected to the local population or political questions.

Yutongo founders also report that they have located several interesting differences about the idea content contributed by users reside in different countries. While idea contributors from the South-American continent seem to have developed an affectation for the mystical world, users from Italy approach creative tasks preferably with humor and innovators from India and the Southeast Asian region often solve Idea Challenges with an analytical and technical focus.