Auto accessories site brings in brand-specific roof bars at unbelievable prices

Ultimotive is a London based retailer of auto accessories and extra parts, including roof bars. For their full range:

Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – For immediate Release

A new auto accessories web site unveils its unique selling point – stocking brand specific roof bars for even the most difficult to get hold of makes
Wivenhoe, Essex, UK, July 8 2010 – The rather gloriously named Ultimotive ( has just revealed why owners of top brand cars prefer its site to any other retailer of car accessories and add ons. Anyone who’s ever tried to find approved roof bars for cars in higher insurance brackets, or who has tried to find big brand roof cases without paying the earth for them, will appreciate the efforts Ultimotive have gone to in creating an unparalleled online store house of motor accessories. Their stock is easy to search, priced in such a fashion that their competitors must be weeping, and broader than one would have thought possible, given the traditional difficulty drivers face when trying to match approved products with their brands.
The problem, normally, with buying roof bars and other such add on items, is that car makes have their own specific pre-made accessories, which are designed to fit the roof strips perfectly. Doesn’t sound like a problem at all, does it? It quickly becomes one when a car owner discovers that he or she has no choice but to go through an approved dealer for their particular marque, paying through the nose for what is, at the end of the day, a couple of strips of steel with some clamps and bolts thrown in for good measure. Like everything “top quality”, the purchaser is effectively railroaded into going down an expensive route, just to be sure that he or she is getting something that will fit their car without voiding any manufacturer’s warranties. Well, no more. Ultimotive’s stock of brand-specific, fully warranty-compliant roof bars is enough to make a registered dealer hang up his or her keys. They’re priced properly, they’re delivered quickly with a full guarantee, and they will not void manufacturer’s warranties because they’re the right kit for the car in question. Thanks to Ultimotive, the tyranny of the approved dealer is coming to a rapid end.

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