Australian Start-Up Unveils Advanced Extreme Sports Electric Skateboard the 'BajaBoard'

Australian Start-Up, BajaBoard, recently unveiled their brand new electric skateboard prototype, the 'BajaBoard Gen2', featuring full suspension, 12kW power rating, and jump capability.

Online PR News – 23-January-2014 – Melbourne, Victoria – Australian start-up Bajaboard unveiled their latest prototype last week - the BajaBoard Gen2.

Aimed at board riders, the BajaBoard is a brand new 4WD electric skateboard that stands out for its stability, high power and agility, thanks to its patent pending full suspension design and 12kW power rating.

As an electric skateboard designed for the jumps and drops otherwise reserved for the more extreme snowboarders and mountainbike riders, the BajaBoard concept opens up new possibilities in the action and board sports scene, both for professionals and weekend riders. It can be ridden on dirt, gravel, grass and rocky terrains, as well as be used for the daily commute – all whilst being CO2 emission free.

The BajaBoard Gen2 evolves from the rising trend of electric vehicles and the popularity of board sports, incorporating cutting edge design that makes it intuitive to ride while being leader in terms of power, speed and manoeuvrability. It has a self-restricted top speed of 50km/h and offers hours of excitement thanks to its rechargeable and exchangeable battery packs. It weighs approximately the same as a mountain bike (under 20kg) and fits wholly into the trunk of a normal car.

Currently, the BajaBoard Gen2 demo board is being tested in order to develop a final design that will be launched through a Kickstarter campaign within two months. This popular crowdfunding platform will allow users to pre-order their own BajaBoard and help the launch of this groundbreaking project.

About BajaBoard:
BajaBoard is an Australian start-up founded by James Murphy and George Li, dedicated to developing and commercialising the world’s most advanced and extreme electric board. Initially conceived in a garage, the BajaBoard has been in development for over two and a half years. The BajaBoard team currently consists of four young professionals that work together with the goal of making BajaBoard an exciting new active sport and communication icon.

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