Penny Auction List Celebrates Four Years of Penny Auction Coverage

With four years under its belt, the Penny Auction List team took some time to reflect on past successes while preparing for the future.

Online PR News – 22-January-2014 – Richmond, Virginia – The Penny Auction List recently celebrated four years of continued commitment to bidders worldwide.

Founded in 2009, the original purpose of was to help consumers find safe penny auction websites. As expected, the penny auction business model evolved and changed dramatically during the last four years, and the Penny Auction List has adapted to meet those changes along the way.

In 2011, Joshua Waldron, the founder of Penny Auction List, saw the need for a penny auction strategy guide – a book that covered the industry from start to finish.

This vision led to the development and publishing of Penny Wise: The Complete Guide to Saving Money with Online Penny Auctions. Penny Wise is the industry’s first and only comprehensive bidding handbook. Co-authored by award-winning journalist Ken Knelly, this book continues to boast positive reviews on Amazon.

Another Penny Auction List milestone includes the 2012 hiring of Emma Stebbins, a Probability and Statistics major at the College of William & Mary. With a love for numbers and an eye for detail, Emma spent an entire summer analyzing penny auction data. Her work resulted in some of the best Beezid strategy articles currently on the web. Emma continues to study auctions as part of the Penny Auction List team.

Today the site has blossomed into a repository of data-driven strategy articles…something I never imagined in 2009.

Best of all, the Penny Auction List continues to offer resources such as bidder interviews and QuiBids strategy articles, free of charge.

Joshua Waldron, the founder of, had this to say about the site’s last four years.

"When I started the Penny Auction List, I had a simple goal in mind: help bidders find a safe place to play. I wanted them to avoid the pitfalls of playing on an unethical site."

Waldron went on to say:

"Today the site has blossomed into a repository of data-driven strategy articles…something I never imagined in 2009."

Waldron continues to tout the unique value afforded to bidders through a carefully-filtered penny auction directory. Every pay per bid site featured in this directory meets a strict set of criteria designed to protect bidders.

So what’s in store for Penny Auction List’s fifth year?

Waldron didn’t have any definitive answers.

"Penny auction advertisements continue to generate curiosity as well as skepticism," he said. "Our site will continue to educate new bidders and equip experienced bidders while providing a public venue for fair criticism."

Part of the educational process is helping inquisitive minds understand how the penny auction business model works.

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Founded in 2009, is home to the Internet’s safest directory of penny auctions.

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