New Toy Company offers Omnidirectional magnetic Cubes that put a new spin on creative building!

CubeCraft, LLC proudly introduces an engaging and innovative toy that will capture any and all who plays with it! A creative building toy that sparks imagination, energizes your brain, stimulates your senses and generates good Karma... a timeless toy for people of all ages!

Online PR News – 23-January-2014 – Denver, Co – Jeremy Klepper and Manuel Sepulveda joined forces in May of 2013 to create CubeCraft, LLC. Their intent was to bring people of all ages together to revel in the experience of creativity, collaboration and education through a non- violent, hands-on platform. CubeCraft is an educational toy and tool that can be used inside the home or the classroom for an experience unique to the individual.
On January 15th, 2013 CubeCraft launched a Kickstarter campaign. The company is proud to be 100% domestically manufactured in Denver, Colorado. They have successfully engaged the local community garnering both support and encouragement. Community is important to CubeCraft, LLC and they take pride in launching the project in Denver to stimulate the local economy and create new jobs. To build the company and make the product accessible to supporters, CubeCraft partnered with local industries that would bring CubeCraft from conception to reality.
CubeCraft is a toy for anyone and everyone to create with but the product is also very attractive to educators who find that students are fascinated by the spectrum of colors and the unique sound of the “click” the magnets make as the user builds their cube masterpiece. Teachers are eager to include CubeCraft as an educational tool in their curricular toolbox.
The team at CubeCraft believes learning is fun and they are dedicated to that goal. Cube play fosters a collaborative environment where kids are in control of their own challenges. Auditory, sensory and hands on interaction are fundamental to the kinesthetic philosophy of education. Building with CubeCraft teaches principles about "stuff"; like volume, area, probability, physics, creative writing, grammar and geometry. Educators will find CubeCraft a creative and innovative tool for planning lessons.
The company’s goal is simple but unique: To make CubeCraft a platform for the community to expand upon. CubeCrafter’s can build and then rebuild with no instructions, no rules. CubeCraft makes innovative magnetic building blocks so that you can realize your creative potential. I would encourage you all to join the CubeCraft tribe and Make It Yours!
The company has done a good job promoting and sharing the product. Here’s what people are saying about CubeCraft:
• "I came to Tinker Time to check out the featured technology but found myself going back to CubeCraft and I can't wait for all kids coming to the Denver Mini Maker Faire to create and play with this great idea." - Jeff Scott, Operation and Sponsorship for Denver Mini Maker Faire
• "A product’s readiness for manufacturing is measured in three categories: materials, methods, and costs. CubeCraft recognized this early in the process – a testament to their management team. Is CubeCraft ready for market? I would say unequivocally YES!" -Keith Hamilton, Founder of VerifiedMRC and Vice President of Sales at Intertech Plastics
• "CubeCraft is a great startup company based out of Denver. These guys are friends of mine. They have a whole new take on creative building with magnetic blocks. The cubes are so cool! My kids love playing with them!" - Pete Goetz, Parent