Monocept launches ‘Lost My Wallet’ Mobile App

• It will useful as a first aid solutions & services

Online PR News – 22-January-2014 – Hyderabad, AP – January 22 2014 -Hyderabad, India – Leading boutique Software Development Company Monocept today announced the launch of Lost My Wallet, a path-breaking, feature-rich Mobile App that provides First Aid Solutions & Services in the event of wallet loss or theft. It also acts as a Virtual Wallet, Directory & Reminder.
Lost My Wallet Mobile App allows users to store card and bank details in order to make contact with respective banks instantly in the unfortunate event of wallet loss or theft. The new product is designed to help users simplify crucial database challenges in terms of collecting details about banks and their contact details at a time when it counts the most. In today’s time, most people rely on cards to make daily purchases and in the event of theft or lost, cards are often the most valuable possessions that run the risk of being misused, and that’s what the idea behind this app to minimize or nullify losses.
Users can perform the following tasks using Lost My WalletApp from their mobile devices:
• Instantly get in touch with customer care teams of their respective banks at the time of wallet loss or theft without anxiety
• Use Appas Virtual Wallet since Debit and Credit card details can be stored in a highly secure, password protected and encrypted environment
• Use App as Robust Directory of contact numbers of all the banks in respective country
• Add and save custom bank related information and reference numbers
• Setup reminders for various banking related services such as debit or credit, bill payments, EMI and so on.

As this app is for paid download for full (Paid) version, which means app users get to enjoy free updates for the lifetime of the app without having to pay anything more.
However, user can download Trail (Lite) version with limited features which will help user to understand the utility and potential of this Mobile App.
Hyderabad based Monocept was founded by a group of highly experienced former Microsoft engineers with a clear objective of problem solving and providing engineering excellence. A few of the organization’s popular Mobile Apps include IRCTC SMS Booking, Tell Me, Console Kit, Bill Payer and Auto Responder.
Commenting on the launch of Lost My Wallet, Manav Gaur, Founder & CEO – Monocept said, “The idea of developing Lost My Walletoriginated from a personal experience of one of our employees who lost his wallet. In a state of panic, he exclaimed about developing a Mobile App that would assist people when wallets or bags with credit or debit cards are lost or stolen. The support and feedback we receive from users has encouraged us to develop a host of exciting and highly functional Mobile Apps. We hope that Lost My Wallet acts as a worthy first aid partner for the users.”
The App currently covers three countries - India, USA and UK - and will be available for additional regions in the days to come. Lost My Wallet can be downloaded across all major mobile platforms;iOS, Android and Windows Phone.
About Monocept
Monocept is a Hyderabad – India based boutique Software Development Company that builds Enterprise & Mobile Applications. Monocept has expertise in large scale web & cloud applications development, and also user-friendly enterprise mobile applications optimized for all major platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows/ Windows Phone.
Monocept is founded by former Microsoft engineers with a clear objective of problem solving and providing engineering excellence. In our linear business of Enterprise & Mobile Application development, we have been working with organizations such as Bankrate Inc. USA, Grubhub Seamless USA, Innroad Inc. USA, KPISOFT Singapore, Canopus Consulting India are names of few.
After moving ahead into value chain, Monocept started developing our own products as IPs (Intellectual Properties) in a Mobile Application development. IRCTC SMS Booking, Tell Me, ConsoleKit, Bill Payer, Auto Responder are names of few Apps developed by Monocept.
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