Triangle’s ultimate conference furniture changes shape of business meetings

Triangle Interiors is a commercial furniture designer and retailer based in Buckinghamshire. Their full range of stock options can be seen online at

Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – For immediate Release

A brand new concept in modular conference furniture is winning big contracts for a Buckinghamshire based interior fittings company
High Wycombe, Bucks, UK, July 8 2010 –The revolutionary new conference furniture of Triangle Interiors – which, like so many revolutionary ideas, is so simple it’s amazing no-one thought of it before – has made it unnecessary for business to buy more than a single set of chairs and tables. They have developed a number of ranges of fully modular conference furniture, which are all suitable for filling any space, in any configuration. Simply put, the results are astounding.
Businesses never again need fit out a conference room that works for one thing but becomes hopelessly inadequate for another. No longer will they need to hold small meetings around unfeasibly large tables, or host big meetings in cramped conditions. Using Triangle’s modular furniture, they can build a conference room to suit any need, from the pieces they already have.
Triangle’s conference tables slot together in incredibly devious ways, allowing them to be used as one on one interview type configurations, or built out with rounded pieces and extra middle bits to form long, AGM style conference surfaces. Their chairs work in the same way. If a company needs to host a seminar, for example, the tables can be split and rejoined in school lecture theatre style desk rows, with chairs linking in seamlessly behind them. The possibilities and combinations are as endless as the ever changing needs a business has for its own conference room.
Why no one has built this kind of conference furniture before is a mystery. Fortunately, both for business who can’t afford to keep buying new gear to fit out their conferences, and for Triangle, who must be making a packet out of their new lines, the whys and wherefores are no longer relevant. The conference furniture of the future exists – and it can be seen online at

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