Helicoptertravel.co.uk Now Offers Business Heli Service for Manchester

Recently, an official get-together of helicoptertravel.co.uk has been organized in a big conference hall at the heart of London.

Online PR News – 22-January-2014 – Westminster/London – Recently, an official get-together of helicoptertravel.co.uk has been organized in a big conference hall at the heart of London. The company hierarchy considered it a great event to make an announcement about their Helicopter flights to Manchester.

“At Helicopter Travel, our best effort is always to get you bespoke heli tours. We have tie-up with hundreds of helicopters along the length and breadth of UK. That makes it possible for us to help you chose the perfect service as per your specifications and affordability. We have already covered London and as you all know, our London Heli tours are quite popular with those who want minimum waste of time on their travel. The reason behind our offering the same standard of service for Manchester remains the same. We want to get you the world-class comfort of heli travel whenever you are jetting to Manchester or coming back”, said the company spokesperson at the event.

Helicopter Travel specializes in arranging business helicopters tours. It has been around here - in this business - more than 20 precious years. The company arranges a wider range of helicopters at the most comfortable budget cushion as claimed by it from time to time. And though London Helicopter tours are expensive, still it is working on how the service can be reached as many as possible. “Due to our business partnership with an extensive range of private helicopters, we can ensure perfect solution according to your exact requirements and budget specification. We have already provided it for our London heli service and we are sure to repeat the same result for our Manchester wing”, added the representative.

To get the best, you have to pay through nose! Now that is a common notion but Helicopter Travel has proved that those also shine who decide to swim against the tide. “We are committed to excellence but at the same time, our helicopter travel service is competitively priced. We are available round the clock, so anytime you can reach us through phone or email. Whenever you need heli service to attend meeting or for any business purpose in Manchester, contact us specifying your requirements and budget, we will make plan accordingly. Our helicopters can take off and land almost anywhere - your garden, for example”, he explained.

About helicoptertravel.co.uk: It is the online identity of UK based heli tour arranger Helicopter Travel. The agency is reputed for cost-excellent superlative service across London, Manchester and Leed. It has an easy and quick access to almost a fleet of helicopters and so guarantees satisfactory and round-the-clock special service to almost everyone as per their requirements. The individuals, who are in need of high standard heli tour service for their business purpose, are encouraged to reach the agency through email or telephone.