New Service Permanently Balances the Airflow and Temperature in Residential Homes

AirFlowBalance® offers an affordable, exclusive airflow balancing solution that allows home owners to maintain a consistent temperature in every room of their home and save on energy costs.

Online PR News – 22-January-2014 – Orlando, Florida – When Ryan Gordon explains to people what his new company AirFlowBalance® does by balancing the airflow and temperature in their home, most of them usually make 2 statements; I have never heard of that and I did not know that it could be done in a residential home.

Airflow balancing is the process of measuring, adjusting and redirecting the airflow and temperature evenly throughout the home. Air balancing is the actual work performed to increase or decrease airflow into specific rooms to improve occupant comfort. Historically, residential forced air duct systems were never engineered or correctly balanced to properly distribute the air where it's needed in the home thus the reason for some rooms being too hot or too cold or even too windy or stale. Until recently, there weren't any affordable, practical options.

AirFlowBalance® utilizes a proprietary, patented non-evasive process for balancing forced air systems in residential homes. The process has been utilized in commercial environments for years where systems are not managed by a zone control system. Ryan Gordon, CEO and Founder of the Orlando, Florida based company said, “We are not HVAC hardware installers and we do not perform service calls on HVAC units. Our sole focus is to create, and maintain a consistent temperature in every room of your home. We balance the airflow in homes to make the air distribution more effective and efficient, to increase your comfort level, to save energy, and to help you save money. A home is a huge investment, and every homeowner deserves to feel comfortable in their own home!”

The new, systematic approach enables AirFlowBalance® to balance all homes with forced air, regardless of the layout or the home’s age. It doesn't matter when the house was built or what the size is…whether it is an apartment/condominium, mobile home, single story ranch, or multi-level home with multiple Heat Pump A/C units, the process works the same.

Gordon says, “We have patent pending devices that allow us to balance your house even if you don't have dampers or if your dampers are inaccessible. We are successful because our process takes into consideration what you have in place today to make your family more comfortable. We don't add additional in-line blowers or duct work allowing for cost savings to our customers…all vents stay open 100% and there is no need to open or close dampers summer or winter. Once your home’s airflow is balanced, you can program your thermostat knowing that when your thermostat states its 72°, your entire house’s temperature is 72°!”

The company emphasizes an added advantage in that airflow balancing also prevents Heat Pumps from short cycling, or excessive running, which in turn, lowers energy bills. The AirFlowBalance® process has been shown to save homeowners between 10-30 % on yearly heating and cooling bills. There are no additional in-line blowers or duct work that is added to the current system.

Gordon also wants to warn homeowners into being fooled into thinking that replacing your furnace or air-conditioner is the only way to increase comfort and lower your utility bills. “Even with a new system, you will still have uneven airflow and temperature from room to room. A larger system is not going to correct air flow problems…it will just magnify them.”

AirFlowBalance® currently offers its home airflow balancing service in the Central Florida area. Homeowners can get a Free Online Estimate on the company’s website at

About AirFlowBalance®

AirFlowBalance® balances the air flow in residential homes with forced air systems. Using a proprietary system, air flow is balanced in the home to make the air distribution more effective and efficient, to increase your comfort level, save energy, and to help you save money. The company currently is servicing the Central Florida area and is looking to expand into additional territories. The company has a 100% Satisfaction - Money Back Guarantee.