Upcoming Media: Edge Media Television to Air Quantum Theorists

On Friday, August 21, Edge Television will record a 2 hour interview with author Anthony Peake and his colleague, Karl L Le Marcs.

Online PR News – 17-August-2009 – – Edge Media television host Nick Margerrison will conduct a televised interview with UK author Anthony ##--3--## and his colleague Karl L LeMarcs in a 2 hour pre-recorded session. The show will be aired at a later date; It will be picked up by Sky Television Media, Channel 200.

Peake is author of 'Is There Life After Death?: The Extraordinary Science of What Happens When We Die' (Chartwell Books, 2006) and 'The Daemon' (Arcturus Publishing Ltd., 2008). He was hosted on August 3 by Gnosis Arts Multimedia and John Broughton's New York Philosophy in a lecture and reception which drew over 300 members of the metro New York press and public to the Grand Ballroom of the Roosevelt Hotel on Madison Avenue, Manhattan.

LeMarcs is administrator and global moderator of Peake's international forum, which expounds on the binary mind/##--1--## ##--2--## theories of the books. LeMarcs has added his own 'Collapsing the Consciousness Wave' theory to Peake's 'Cheating the Ferryman' thesis; together they have developed a 'Bohmian Imax Grand Theory of Everything' (their own version of Big Toe). The Implicate Order of physicist David Bohm is included in the theory.

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