Fire risk assessment deemed essential for modern insurance premiums

UK Fire Training is a fully accredited body who deliver fire safety courses, fire risk assessment and other forms of fire training individually tailored to meet specific company needs.

Online PR News – 09-July-2010 – – For immediate Release

We all know insurance companies don’t like paying up. A fire risk assessment is the only sure way a business can protect its premiums in case of a real fire
London, UK, 8 July 2010 – Fire risk assessments are proving more than just a legal requirement, as insurance companies tighten their belts against the inevitable fall out from the world wide financial slump. Unless a company can prove that it has carried out a full, professionally validated risk assessment of all its premises, insurance companies are very unlikely to pay up in the unfortunate event of fire. Fortunately, enterprising UK company, UK Fire Training has developed a simple solution: a one-stop, catch-all, completely legal fire risk assessment package, delivered to companies on an individually tailored basis and guaranteed to meet all legislative requirements.
It’s a great idea – and one that is already working well. UK Fire Training have basically realised that normal company fire officers (as required by law, every company has to have appointed persons responsible for fire risk assessment) are extremely unlikely to know everything they need to know in order to make their own risk assessment legally compliant. So they’ve developed a team of freelance fire risk assessors, who have been thoroughly trained in every minute detail of current fire risk assessment specifications (and who receive ongoing training to keep them up to date). These risk assessors are farmed out to companies, where they undertake a complete risk assessment – and offer training to the company’s own fire officers while they do so. The result: a completely legal fire risk assessment that will satisfy the brokers of any insurance company. Combined with a proper tutorial for staff and employees that further minimises the risk of fire breaking out in the first place.
In these straitened times, there’s a value that almost can’t be expressed in monetary terms. UK Fire Training is making the most of company employees across the length and breadth of Britain. In so doing, they’re saving lives as well as money.

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